MIRAGE book tour: On Writing a Series by Kristi Cook (guest post)

Today, I get to be part of the tour for MIRAGE by Kristi Cook which is hosted by Books Complete Me. Not only am I excited because I love Kristi--I'm also excited because MIRAGE was a really enjoyable read where the characters are stretched further and developed more and I love spending time with them. On the tour today, Kristi has a guest post for us about what it's like writing a series. So without further adeiu, here's Kristi!

Now that MIRAGE, the second book in the Winterhaven Series, has hit the shelves, it’s time for me to focus on finishing the third and last book in the series (alas, still untitled). And let me tell you….there are so many emotions involved in writing the final book in a series!

Let’s see: I’m excited to share the last piece of Violet’s story with readers, and to finally answer the question, “Will Aidan find his cure in time?” I’m nervous about wrapping up all the loose ends I’ve left open, and about giving readers who’ve stuck with me a satisfying ending. I’m sad about the prospect of saying goodbye to the cast of characters I’ve come to love, and even sadder about the prospect of writing a certain scene, that’s…well, going to break my heart to write.

Writing this book is hard. Really hard. I mean, I knew it would be, but I didn’t quite expect all these conflicting emotions hitting me at once. To paraphrase Violet in HAVEN (book #1), “You’ve got all that going on in your head at one time?” And the answer is yes. Yes, I do.

And the Winterhaven Series is just a three book series. I can only imagine what must have been going through J.K. Rowling’s head as she wrote the seventh Harry Potter book! As a reader, I could barely come to terms with the idea of saying goodbye to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. What must it have been like for Rowling?! (no, really—I don’t want to know!)

So, I can say with 100% certainty that the Winterhaven Series is just a trilogy. The third book will be the last. Oh, I understand how easy it is to get seduced by the idea of writing a much longer series, one that stretches on for years and years. After all, in some ways (not every way, mind you—trust me on this!), it’s easier. The world is already built, the characters fleshed out. It’s easy to slip back into Violet’s head—into her voice—and continue her story. Diving back into the Winterhaven world, for me, is like slipping into my favorite pair of pajamas, all comfy and warm and familiar. Ahhhh……

But I know that the more time I spend with Violet, Aidan, and their friends, the harder it will be to let them go. I know I need to make a clean break. Move on. Let some new characters take up residence in my head.

But hey, I’m not there yet. It’s not time. I’ve still got chapters to write, people to kill, loose ends to tie
up! Seriously, folks, I’m loving every second I’m spending in the Winterhaven world, and I hope you are, too!

I know I am! Thanks so much Kristi for letting be part of the celebration for MIRAGE.  To check out the other stops on the tour, just go here

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