"Half Moon" Cover Reveal Book Tour

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Deen, the author of The Crescent. And now, I'm happy to host her cover reveal for the sequel, Half Moon, which is released on January 13, 2011.

It is likely that you are doing the cover scavenger hunt right now and you should have come here to me from www.MyOverstuffedBookshelf.blogspot.com. If not, see the list below to figure out how you messed up. If you have no idea what's happening, keep reading. I promise it will make sense! If you are in the right spot and the right time then congratulations. AND you are almost done. (Take a moment to celebrate with a little dancing...Really. It is said dancing will increase your luck and luck will help you win a prize. Prizes are fun.)

Speaking of prizes...Do you want to win all these great prizes? Because you can...
  • Half Moon Swag
  • $25 B&N Gift Card
  • Journal
  • Jewelry Box
  • USB Camera/Video recorder
You think they are fun and you want them? I thought so. Those are some pretty awesome prizes. How do you win this? Well, let me remind you (or tell you, if you are just tuning in to this scavenger hunt...)
  1. You must follow this blog and Jordan's to participate.
  2. You must comment this blog post and Jordan's.
  3. You must retrieve the one word from the Half Moon post on this page in the order of the words from the blogs.
  4. When you finish here, go to the next site until you finish. This hunt started and will end on Jordan's site so it's never too late for you to start!
  5. Once you are done, email the secret phrase to Jordan. (email: info@JordanDeen.com)
That's all! Once you have commented, followed everyone, and emailed Jordan--you are done. You get to wait until the hunt ends and see if you are the lucky winner. (I hoped you danced.) If you want extra entries you can tweet this contest, add it to your blog roll, or share it on facebook. You will need to provide the links for in your email to Jordan. The contest starts today and ends at midnight on September 9 (California time).

Finally. We're at the fun part. Here's some more of chapter two of Half Moon--and it's a super fun piece. (You can read chapter one by visiting Jordan's website here and clicking on the Half Moon link to the left.) 

The word is... “I need time.” With his hand in mine, I squeezed tightly, wanting him to look down at me. Instead, he turned my hand over and examined my now almost completely faded mark. “I don’t know what we are. When I came here with you, I knew I had to come. I wanted to be with you. You made things so much better. But now I’m here, we’re never allowed to be alone, everyone walks on eggshells around me, and I’m treated like an outsider. If we haven’t fully bonded and I haven’t transformed, then maybe I’m not the one. Maybe I don’t carry the gene and I’m not meant to transform after all? Maybe this is wrong." Did you find
the word is? Brandon straightened from the tree to tower over me with his jaw locked and his teeth grinding. “Even though you don’t feel it, I do. That’s the difference. You consume every inch of my body—thoughts of you, your touch, your smell, everything. You are everything to me. It’s not about whether I live or die. That’s what you are missing. You are missing that need for me—the want. You don’t understand the pain that I felt watching you, everyday, falling further in love with Alex. I’m risking everything for you. You don’t truly understand the danger I put myself in to protect you and be near you. I’d do it all over again if that’s what it will take.” Again, the word was is. :)

Did you spot the word you need to collect? I made it extra tricky for you. I hope you figured it out.

The next blogger you will visit is Jami over at YAaddict. Stay a minute and browse around. I love that blog. Happy touring you bunch of scavengers!

*** If you would like to enter this contest then FEEL FREE!!! Just start at Jordan Deen's website (www.jordandeen.com) and then go to the #1 blog:  www.NarrativelySpeaking.com  (1 of 14)

Here is the full line up of blogs (in order--just in case you get lost) participating in this AMAZING contest

P.S. Might I add... FOLLOW all of the blogs, they are very current and informative. I know, because I borrowed the idea for this section  from #4. :)

  1)  Lynsey N. (www.NarrativelySpeaking.com) Twitter: @LynseyNewton
  2)  Jessica E. (www.TotalBookaHolic.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @Totalbookaholic
  3)  Heather (www.FireandIcePhoto.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @FireandIcePhoto
  4)  Amy (www.ReadingTeen.net) Twitter: @ReadingTeen2
  5)  Sherry S. (www.flippingpagesforallages.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @Ssalach21
  6)  Monica S. (www.bibliophilicbookblog.com)  Twitter: @Bibliophilicboo
  7)  Courtney Rae (www.Courtney-Reads.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @CourtneyyRae
  8)  Alex B (www.AlexReadsBooks.blogspot.com) Twitter: @ABennettBooks
  9)  Amy Stewart (www.SimpleLoveOfReading.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @AmysSimpleLove
10)  Amy Jacobs (www.MyOverstuffedBookshelf.blogspot.com)   Twitter: @StuffdBookshelf
11)  Danielle B. (www.FrenzyofNoise.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @daniellebunner
12)  Jami (www.YAAddict.blogspot.com)  Twitter: @YAAddict
13)  Audrey S. (www.desertlioness.blogspot.com Twitter: @DesertLioness91
14)  Jessica S. (www.JASouders.blogspot.com)


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  2. Awwww. Why must she be this way? Poor Brandon, he's showing all the signs of a guy who doesn't want to show signs, if that makes sense. But I'm loving this book more and more, and I do believe I know who to root for :)
    Awesome blog post!

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