Do you have UDS?

I have this theory that I call Up Down Syndrome (UDS for short). UDS is the reality that something bad happens and is them followed by something good. It's a true experience & I think if you reflect in even the small things, you'll see its validity. example: you have a date & you don't bring an umbrella so it rains. Or, like me, you have a bid decision coming up & things don't pan out...them you get to have dinner with a NYT author:UDS.

You ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong? I'm talking absolutely horrible day when everything goes beyond wrong. I had that day yesterday. My car is now dead (blown head gasket.) My computer was sent away by the apple geniuses to a magical place for week long repairs (busted ram, new hard drive & operating system reinstall.) My phone charger snapped. I was exhausted, freaking out & completely unsure. I know things can be worse but it all happens at once and then it feels like the end...especially when I have 20 chapters to revise. W happens when you lose everything?

Well, if you suffer from UDS, then you have the luxury to hope for the Up. I know that when it occurs, it's going to be HUGE. Why? Because the down was huge. I know it may sound crazy but good things have to come after bad. If not, then there's no point to hope. I think the return is equal. I'm not gonna lose a dime and find ten bucks. I may find a quarter. This is how I cope. I've already seen some good. I have great people who are willing to help me get back and forth for my last two weeks at Borders. They have been encouraging and uplifting. Even my Tweeps.

another positive in this has been my writing. just last night, amidst the tears & freakout, I wrote an awesome scene. Like wrote wrote. With a pen. It was glorious. I'm excited to be semi-disconnected and I'm thankful for my phone, which is allowing to me wrote this post. My fingers hurt but now you know what UDS is.

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  1. What a winning attitude. I'm hoping your Up really is amazing with all thats going on. And isn't it true that during the hardest times we realize how lucky we are and the great that we do have? Like good friends. Good luck with everything!


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