Fragment Friday #3: Fire

It's FRIDAY. Which means it's time for Fragment Friday! Fragment Friday, hosted by James of Book Chic, is where you read excerpts of your favorite books or what you are reading now.

I chose one of my favorites to celebrate it's return to me. It was a hard decision to pick a scene so I asked my bestie to pick a page number. This was the winner: 247. And it was a good one. Enjoy! :)

PS. Yes, I did get my haircut. Thanks for noticing! :)


  1. Look at you getting all fancy with the graphics. lol one day I might take the time to do that too. maybe.

    Also good choice for a fragment. Loved Fire...Brigand *swoon*

  2. Such a great book! I liked Fire & that is such a sweet scene with Brigan. Love it! Thanks for sharing this fragment.

    Violet @ The Eager Readers


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