Welcome to Crazy Town.

And no, I don't mean that weird mini-series that NBC had this summer.

I mean my day three.

It is day three without my computer and my car. I miss them both. Tremendously. My computer WAY more than my car. The library, while awesome, comes with restrictions. For example, one hour. I have one hour for computer use. It takes me that long to get focused but I do what I must. I can wait and log back in...but it's 180 minutes. 180 minutes. That's three hours. Yea, it sucks in all sorts of ways. The other negative thing, no privacy. AND no way to access my external. This is the downfall of having a Mac in a PC world (at least, the library world.) In Crazy Town, everyone will have a Mac. Heck, they will have two--just in case.

I mean my brain.

It's crazy. In a good, overly-obsessive and sometimes crowded way.

I wrote the most incredible scene yesterday. Really. You can ask my CP (who's also having a signed Mockingjay giveaway on her blog!) It was random and further into my WIP than I actually am. Truthfully, I had only somewhat envisioned the things that happened before it in my plotting outline when I wrote it. I didn't even mean to write it. It was a line at work on Wednesday and then a page I wrote by hand (since my computer is still in the hospital) and then a "quick trip to the library to type this up." Five hours later, I went to work. Obviously, things don't happen like we plan.

We plan anyway. And plot. And hope.

And sometimes, by chance, we write the most incredible scene. I had to stop at one point and walk around. My heart was racing and my mind was so far into the story, that I could feel what my MC was feeling. It's good when that happens--incredible actually--but it's also the huge reality that this is a "real" story. A "real" person with emotions, desires, conflicts, issues. A person who's limping around bleeding bodies in a corn field. (Wait...what? Nothing. Continue on and ignore that *whistles*)  They are fictional but they are so real to the writer--and if the writer is good, then to the reader too.

That is crazysauce, the number one dish in Crazy Town. I hear it takes like coffee ice cream. It must be awesome.

Though I want to, I haven't made permanent  residence in Crazy Town yet. I'm on the outskirts, inching toward the light, my bag on my back. It is appealing though. The smells, the crazysauce, the characters, the cornfields. It's bright and loud and full of others who have a life there.  I hear they have Macs there...

*Also, totally off subject but I love this post. 
**And this makes me laugh (the part about the muffins...lol)
***And did anyone see Grey's Anatomy? Oy vey. I need talking to friends about my shows.

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