Thirteen Thursday with Georgia McBride

Today, I'm really excited to have Georgia McBride. Georgia is a YA author and the creator/founder of YAlitchat, an online community of YA authors, bloggers, readers, lovers. She's a great lady and really inspiring with all that she has done and is doing. So, without more delay, welcome to Thirteen Thursday!

If you were an item on a Mexican restaurant menu, what would you be and why?
Nachos with cheese. My favorite thing to order.

You are a NYC/NC transplant! What do you miss most about city life? And what do you love about country-life?
I miss the city that never sleeps. Everything but Walmart and McDonalds closes by 9PM here. I also miss being able to dress in leather pants 7 days/week. I’m not much for country life but I do enjoy the quiet now and again.

What did you think of that Grey's Anatomy season finale??? (I only ask b/c the premiere is tonight!) 
I love Grey’s. Absolutely love it. I must admit however that I was so hyped over the LOST series finale that Grey’s had less of an impact on me last year. Looking forward to the season premiere. I can’t wait to see about Derek. I love that Chief had a role in bringing things to a successful close.

You are a huge JJ Abrams fan. Have you ever met him? What are your favorite things that he has done?
 I’ve never met him. I still hate that Alias is no longer on the air. I thought Star Trek was BRILLIANT. Cannot wait to see his film with Steven Spielberg. Of course anything he does is amazing. Mission Impossible. Cloverfield. He could bake bread and I would think it was the greatest bread ever.

Tell us a secret that no one else knows. 
One of my legs is slightly shorter than the other. A few people know that and now lots.

You had a lot of really random/awesome careers before writing Praefatio. What are some things that you learned from those positions that have stuck with you? (And, during your time in the music industry, did you meet the Backstreet Boys? Because I was in love with them.)
I learned to listen to people and really engage them successfully. True engagement is fifty percent listening. As for the BSB, I have never met them but have seen them perform. Sorry the marriage did not work out; I was going to marry Rick Springfield.

What do you think writers should look for when writing their story? What are things that new (and old) writers seem to miss?
The thing that always seem to trip writers I work with up is pacing, authentic experience of the teenage life and tension. Writers also need to look out for cause and effect and action/reaction. I find a lot of writers don’t take into account how their characters actions impact other characters, story line or setting in many cases. When you change something in a story no matter how small--you are most likely going to need to change something else. Also think about WHY. Why is my character doing or saying this? I could go on.

What is your favorite part of the writing industry? 
Meeting readers, teens and tweens. I love doing school visits. Kids energize me. I love talking to them about whatever. They are so smart, fun and full of life. They tell you exactly what they think. You never have to guess.

What advice would you give to a writer starting queries and agent hunting?
Be professional, do your homework and never give up.

Can you explain to everyone who doesn't know what #YAlitchat is and how they can be involved?  
YALITCHAT is a young adult book publishing industry non-profit organization for the advancement of young adult literature around the world. What started as a weekly chat on twitter has grown into a world-wide organization of like-minded individuals with one goal. Click here to join the membership organization of young adult book industry professionals.  Visit http://yalitchat.com or http://yalitchat.org for more details. 

How have you seen #YAlitchat grow and develop over it's existence? 
We have over 1700 members from 22+ countries. Our members are NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors, pre-published writers, agents, editors, students, teachers, librarians, book bloggers, parents and readers.

When you look back in 50 years at all the things you have been part of and accomplished, what are the things that you will remember as the most rewarding? 
Being a mom to my kids and dogs.

Thanks Georgia! Check out the trailer for her book Praefatio. It looks so good!

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