Nothing to say

Have you ever just had nothing to say?


This is me right now and it's problematic. I'm a writer. There is always something to say. However, I'm pulling up blanks, staring only at the blinking cursor. It's not writer's block--that would indicate that I didn't even know where to go next. I know where to go I just have no motivation to write it, no words to say about it, no time to do it. That's a lie, I have time. Maybe I'm just in a rut.

Really. Even writing this post has taken me ridiculously long--and it's not even that good. I don't want to read. I don't want to write. I don't want to revise or edit. All of these things are problematic.

Perhaps, I'm just tired and overwhelmed by decisions. My best friend says I had the writing weekend so it's okay but it's more than that. I have nothing to say, even to my mother. I know it will pass and I will look back on this dry week dumbfounded at the problem and lack of resolve.

But for now, it sucks. My characters are napping. The story is frozen. I'm a wordless writer.

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