In Which I Make an Exciting Announcement

It's hard to believe that a mere three months ago I announced my three book deal for the Boundless Series (Follow Me Through Darkness.) It's hard to believe because I'm here - again - with ANOTHER BOOK DEAL!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have sold SALT (& it's sequel!) to Entangled Publishing! Woo! *happy dance*
Danielle Ellison's SALT, in which a powerless witch suddenly saves herself from a demon attack and must discover the key to her powers in order to prove herself worthy to fight alongside her people to protect humanity, to Liz Pelletier at Entangled, in a nice deal, in a two-book deal, for publication in August 2013 (World). 
I've been sitting on this news since Halloween - and man, it has been hard. I *love, love* SALT (you've seen it online called Hotboyalicious) and I can't wait to share this book with you. Penelope has a special place in my heart and her world is one I would never leave if I had the choice.

SALT will release in August 2013 -- which is like 7 months from now! Ahh! -- through a new imprint at EP called Entangled DigiTEEN. This imprint is one of the new ones that fall under the distribution merger with Macmillian/St Martin's Press. It's really an exciting time to be joining EP!

What's the story behind this book deal? Well, one of my betas read SALT & told me I should sub to EP. But I was totally Going To Get An Agent With This Book because I was so close last time. Then, I queried A LOT of agents & everyone loved the book, the world, the characters, the writing -- but I got a resounding plea that the market wasn't taking this kind of paranormal (witches/demons) no matter how unique it was. While waiting in the query trenches I told my beta I would sub it and I did.

Meanwhile, I'm still querying away and getting a lot of request--seriously sent 100 queries & had about 30 MSs out in a month-ish--and all of that starts dwindling down with "query me later," and "I love this but..." and "paranormal doesn't sell."

And then, the day after Halloween, I got an email from Liz saying they wanted to pub SALT. After some discussions with agents, phone calls with Liz & Guillian (editorial assistan), some rearranging with FMTD schedule and a lot of flailing, I now have a two-book deal!

I'm very pumped because SALT & FTMD couldn't be more different - and you'll get to see two sides of my writing. It also means I have A LOT of books to work on!

My new release schedule looks like this:

August 2013 - Salt (digital only)
Feb/March 2014 - Salt sequel (digital only)
October 2014 - Follow Me Through Darkness (print/digital)
April 2015 - Boundless series #2 (print/digital)
October 2015 - Boundless series #3 (print/digital)

FIVE books. It's sorta crazy & I still feel like a kid at Christmas pinching myself over & over again because this can not be real. I'm beyond blessed - and I can't wait share my stories with you!!!

*bounces* *hooks up electricity in writing cave*


2013 - let's go!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (When do we stop saying that?)

Well, we are ten days into 2013 and my year has already been amazing but exhausting. This week has flown by and I'm trying to catch up, but what can you do?

There are a lot of exciting things happening this year and it's crazy to think about. My Spencer Hill editing projects will be REAL books - RECLAIMED, THE DOLLHOUSE ASYLUM, EXTRACTED, FIREBLOOD - and I'm sad to see them end, but very happy to welcome some new loves.

I'm spending a lot of time at the gym trying to set a new lifestyle for myself, and that is a challenge that's already (I joined early December) proving to be rewarding. I'm also spending my days nannying with a lovely family and I'm really happy it worked out like it did with them.

Writing wise, my life is insane. But in the midst of that, I want to post more on Frenzy. I don't really set goals or resolutions, but I want to post once a week (at least!) here because its important to me.

So, today is the start of that. Now that I've said it, the goal is out there.

In addition to writing here, I will be on Tangled twice a month and writing the sequel to FOLLOW ME THROUGH DARKNESS, which is due March 1. (& I am not very far.) I'm trying not to get distracted by my side project, but it makes me enjoy writing again. Like LOVE writing. That has been difficult to do with FMTD2, as apparently it goes with second books, but I'm hopeful! If all goes according to plan, I will write 2-3 books this year. (Ambitious, I know!)

So let's go, 2013!!

What are some things you have going on?? Have you set any resolutions or have goals that you want to accomplish - be them daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Tell me!