May is almost here. With it comes the realization that I am so far behind. So far behind. With BEA on the cusp, I don't want to be far behind because when I come back I'll be that much more gone. On top of a stack of old book reviews to write, new books to read and netgalley requests, I have the biggest issue: my WIP which sits unfinished at less than 20K.

Fear not friends, I have a plan to fix this. And that plan is May.

May is writing month. I'll have 22 days to finish my WIP. I really want to come back from BEA able to edit and read all the wonderful books that await me. I won't be able to read much this month (despite the stack) as I'm only reading on the T going to/from work. This was a hard decision but I NEED to finish this WIP. It's a need that runs deep and I will not be defeated.

What does that mean for the blog?

It will be filled with more writing/life type posts. Or if I have time to write past reviews/new reviews I will do that. Maybe some quest posts. Maybe some more quiet than I usually like. I'm not really sure what will happen. I do have two EPIC things planned. Tomorrow it's the Cassie Clare/Holly Black event re-cap AND giveaway. May 2: The Sekrit Project reveal.

But for the most part, it will be random. There may even be more random contests like before! Just bare with me. I will be back in June with love, books, reviews, a follower contest and a blogoversary! (WOW!)

In the meantime, enjoy these parting videos.

Hilarious video:

For fans of Doctor Who:

For fans of Harry Potter:


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