In Which I Pick Writing & Frenzy Changes Focus

A COUPLE MONTHS AGO, my friend Cindy and I were having a great conversation. I was talking about blogging and how much I loved it--but how I'm so far behind that it's hard to catch up.  I don't have time to read all the books I need to read or want to read after I get home from work. All I want to do is write--and when it comes to reading something or writing something.....writing time will always win.

She said the most profound thing to me. Simple but true. She said:  "You're at the point in your life where you have to decide what you want to be known for: do you want to be a book blogger or a writer? It's too hard to be both."

And in that moment I knew she was right. So I had to step up and make a decision. It hasn't been an easy decision, but I know it's the right one. (I almost put the WRITE one. I like puns.)

LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE. Sometimes we have to move on, and that may suck, but it's true. Sometimes we start a journey one way and then a few miles down the road we're going somewhere different. That's part of the adventure. Life is an adventure and we have to figure it out as we go or what's the point? 

My life has definitely changed a lot in the last few months. If you remember back in March, I wrote this post about my life before reading felt like homework.
"I started this blog because I wanted to share a) my writing life, which I don't do as much as I'd planned b) I have all these books in my head and all these thoughts with no one to tell and I needed an outlet (my head is crowded enough!) c) maybe someone would read about a book I loved or something I'm dealing with in my writing and learn or connect or discover something new. That was why I started a blog. This was never going to be a book blog.

But it is. Of course it is! I'm a writer, a bookseller, a reader--it's my life. And that's okay. I have to read incredible amounts of books and  live a life surrounded by words, so I don't mind. In fact, I love it."
And I did: love words, love blogging about books, love spending hours reading because I had so much time that I could do all those things!

BUT THEN THINGS CHANGED. Now I don't have as much time. I'm not a bookseller anymore. I've got a new "identity" and my life isn't books and words and stories. Well, it is, it's just a different way. Now I write a lot more. I fight for things I love. I try new things. 

To bring in the new,  Frenzy won't be book blog anymore; it will be...something else. I swear, this blog is the epitome of an identity crisis. Seriously. But it is my blog, and this too I am. Time to put on a new face and a new purpose. I'm really excited about it.

So what will Frenzy of Noise be now? 

I don't know! Isn't that exciting?!? I'll be talking about writing and life and all the things in between. It will be an adventure. I want to share it with you, if you want to be part of it. Plus, if you hang out, you may get to be part of all the new things I get to experience. And I definitely don't know what those are yet!

On the plus side, there are tons of fantastic YA Book Blogs out there--like Epic Book Adventures that my lovely blog partner started up just a couple weeks ago! There are others--many more--so I'm sure I won't be missed. Plus, I mean, I'm around. Being snarky and inspirational and whatever all over Twitter and Tangled Up In Words and (eventually) back here on Frenzy.

SEE YOU IN 2012! With a new year. A new blog design. A new purpose. Gah, I love adventures!!!

I hope you do too. And those of you who adventure with me---see you then. 


  1. I will miss your book blogging, but I can't wait to see where you go with Frenzy next. Great post, as always.

  2. I'll miss your book blogging too, but I'll be around to see where this goes! Good luck with everything :) Hopefully someday I'll get to read one of your novels:)

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