Since today is Thanksgiving -- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! -- I thought I should write a list of what I'm thankful for. See, November has been really draining on me, so getting to look at the good things that happened aside from this month, well that's something I'm already thankful for. Maybe it can be a new start today that drives me past all the crap. Here's some of the things I'm thankful for!

  1. That my book is being published!! (In two years, but hey, yay! I can be thankful for it for another Thanksgiving.) 
  2. My amazing real life friends.
  3. My insanely awesome twitter friends.
  4. Twitter. 
  5. My sister 
  6. Patricia and family - for letting me spend my summer in the basement
  7. this new adventure in DC-area
  8. My new nanny family
  9. Spencer Hill Press
  10. Kate Kaynak - who let me start this journey as an editor that I love. (and be published!)
  11. My  #TeamDani SHP authors, who trust me and teach me so much every single day. They seriously are why I love my job. They have contagious passion, fear, hope, challenge and love of writing, of publishing, of characters that's inspiring. I love them! 
  12. Boston (because while you sucked some, you taught me a lot)
  13. my family
  14. That I get to create worlds and stories and meet characters
  15. Coffee
  16. MY JOB. All three of them. (writer, SHP editor, nanny/housekeeper.) Seriously. 
  17. The SHP interns. :) 
  18. A car that is not mine but that I drive - whew!
  19. Hope.
  20. 2013 and all the new adventures that I don't even know about yet. 
That's my shortlist! What are some things that YOU are thankful for?!?!?!

Enjoy your day! 


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