10 Reasons to see Maroon5 (And Only Half of Them are Because of Adam Levine)

It all started seven months ago. Maroon5 tickets went on sale and I tweeted my friend, Jenny (who I literally met the night before!) and said, "Do you like Maroon5?" And the rest is history.

Warning: there are a lot of exclamation marks and all caps ahead.

Show opener! 

Now that I have experienced the AMAZEMENT that is a Maroon5 concert, let me tell you TEN REASONS YOU NEED TO SEE MAROON5 IN CONCERT. (I even put them in order. You can skip down if you don't care about just Adam. Which, would be weird.)

5 Reasons for to see Maroon5 if you love Adam Levine:

Adam's tattoos.
I mean, we all know he has them. Especially if you watch The Voice. But they're really nice when they are live, and on a jumbo screen while hold a mic. I don't even know, y'all. They are hot! (You'll hear that word a lot.) 

Adam laying on the ground.
There was a part where he sang on his knees. And then, when it was done, he just sprawled out on the ground. It was just nice. :) 

Adam with a guitar.
Adam is freaking sexy with a guitar. I mean, LIKE. Give a guy a guitar, and that pretty much increases a level of hotness. But Adam (along with our old friend with the great hair, James) really tore it up. It was wonderful.

Adam sweating. 

I mean...what else do I need to say?

Adam's butt.

Adam has a great butt. If you watch The Voice, you've probably seen it. But in real life, with a jumbo ton, goodness. He definitely knows what kind of pants to wear. 

(Also, this has nothing to do with the concert--but have y'all SEEN how many times Adam has hugged people during the Blind Auditions this season??? He is so sweet.)

5 OTHER reasons to see Maroon5

The bridge.
There's this bridge (spoiler) that they bring down into the audience, and it is really freaking cool. I was like "they mean business now!" 

The Bridge during "Stereo"

Stage presence.

They were so involved!!! Adam was jumping and running all over that stage! (Which was shaped like an M!) James would move around with him, too. There was also some girl who sang on two songs. (I didn't hear her name.) PLUS, they had really cool backdrops and lights and confetti! It was a FANTASTIC show and very entertaining!! There was even one where the band looked like they were floating in the water. It was cool. :) 

A house, while they sang "Sunday Morning"
THAT IS SPACE in the background. Which is cool.

Crazy effing good songs.
If you are a Maroon5 fan, then you won't be disappointed. They cover all the hits and the best of the new album. The audience participates with choruses and a choir-like round, which is a blast. Love their songs: you'll love this show. 

"Harder to Breathe" 
Everyone else!
The whole of Maroon5, the audience, the camera people -- amazing. They really made it a great time! 

When I was driving home, I turned on one of the songs from the show that was stuck in my head. ("Lucky Strike" which was the second or third song they sang in the show, so it was weird that it was in my head!) And it was good, but MAN, IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER LIVE. So, if you like their music then make sure you see them live!!

I can't wait to go again!!!!!! Because I will. Best money I've ever spent on entertainment. Woo!!!!!!!

And of course, Adam's butt.

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  1. I freakin' love Maroon 5! I listen to a lot of their songs while I write and generally all of my book's playlists have at least one, usually more, of their songs on it. I love Adam's voice. It's so unique...and, yeah, you're right...the butt helps, too.

    Sounds like a great time!

    Michelle :)
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