Helllooooooo July.

This month is full of promise. I'm glad to welcome it. It means a few important things to me.

1. I get to check in on Sam and Grace. What? Linger comes out. I've been waiting and waiting. I'm pumped!

2. It marks the one month deadline for me to finish the first draft of my novel. This needs to officially be finished on August 4. It's a daunting task, and now there is one month to finish it, I feel the pressure. This is a deadline I set for myself long ago and I'd hate to push it back. I only have, according to my outline, five and a half chapters to write. This, of course, changes and I never follow my outlines BUT I'm hopeful. I'm dedicated. I'm focused. I'm ready. I'm...positive? I'm in need of encouraging voices pushing me forward.

3. I'm moving to Boston. It's true! It's all happened very quickly and I'm still processing everything. Yet, it is true. And, this is the first time I have announced it so you lucky folks are now insiders. Shhhhhhhhh...don't tell yet. Twitter doesn't know.

4. Did I say I had to finish my first draft in one month? Because I do.

July is going to a big month. I'm sure there are many, many important things that are happening and I forgot to list but that's ok. It's 1:30 am. I'm exhausted.

What about you? What exciting things does July hold for you?

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