Let's have an editing picnic!

I was going to give myself a picnic today in the grass but I woke up to rain. My plans were thwarted and I had to redo everything, which is exactly like editing. You have a plan, words, a story and then you have to change it all. It's not always fun but has potential, like a picnic. (See how I pulled that out of thin air?!) Let's call it something fun in the midst of something not as fun.

I want to talk about editing, not that I have much experience but I have some. I went to sleep late last night after an awesome feedback (in overview form) with my CP. We don't really know how being a Crit Partner works but we're trying a way that we think will work for us. First, we read the whole MS. That's really important before you start tearing it to shreds with smiles. We needed to know what happened. Last night, unexpectedly, we told each other our major thoughts/questions/concerns, etc. It went really well. We both pointed out the things that other person already suspected. That, friends, is how you know you have a good CP. That, and the fact that both of you can handle what the other is saying.

Now, we will start chapter-by-chapter edits. We're doing them 3-4 at a time until we get them all done. That way, it's not overwhelming for either of us. (X, being the smart person she is, took notes about what happened in each chapter of my story so she could reference it. I wasn't that smart.) It's an exciting part of the process. I'm sure things are about to change in each of our stories.

We talked to someone else last night about being part of our group but in the end, it's not going to work out. It's sad that we didn't grow but we've only been together a week now and we work well together. I'm really excited to see how my story changes and develops through this process. I have complete faith that, despite all the up-coming pain, it will be totally worth it. 

Also, since we are on the subject, this post is awesome. Really, most of her stuff is--like her post about Crit Groups. I read her blog and she always passes on some really great wisdom. (Natalie, if you are out there: Be my friend.) If you a writer of any kind--especially if you are about start edits--then you need to read this. It's very, very true and very helpful. This post was also added after I updated but it's definitely worth sharing. I guess editing is on everyone's minds today.

If you are in the editing stage, please tell me how it's going! I'm always interested in other people's processes....and CP's. Have a happy Thursday! (I LOVE Thursdays, don't you!?)


  1. Hey Danielle! I'm in the rewriting stage, which is sort of like editing. but soon I'll move on to editing! I've been reading Natalie's stuff too. My biggest prob with editing is that I get stuck in line edits and want to fine tune. Hope editing goes well for you!

  2. I get stuck because I get bored, but man, the reward is great. Good luck to you also!


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