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Prepare for a random post--which is actually about good things! Mostly. I think

  • You know how sometimes people say really really really NICE things about you and you're not sure what to say? Because I've had that happen a couple times this week and I'm just so speechless by it. Because what do you say without it coming off as, "Why yes, I do know I am awesome!" If anyone thinks of an appropriate response, please share. Sometimes "thank you" doesn't seem like enough.

  • Despite this one randomly awful day on Wednesday, this week has pretty much rocked for me! I mean, like stupendously. Part of that is because of London and part because of friends and part because things I've been working so hard for are on the brink of becoming something else. Maybe. And I mean, I have awesome friends who have lots of exciting things happening--and excitement is contagious!! (Even when my arm is killing me.)
  • Did yall see that my girl Carrie Underwood released her new album cover AND single? No??? Well let me share! 
She's so pretty.
Her new song is called "Good Girl" and I'm addicted! Here's a sneak peek, but you should (and must!!) go buy  it. 

  • Speaking of music anyone else been watching The Voice??? Love that show, yall. Love that show...And I enjoy looking at and listening to Adam Levine. As always. Geesh...so good.
He's so pretty.

  • I read a really really really REALLY awesome book ---Something Like Normal by Trish Doller. It comes out in June 2012 and it's this really amazing story of a marine who's come back home on leave, back to the life he left behind and how he has to fit again. It's beautifully written and underlined with humor. It has the most amazing male protagonist voice I've ever, ever read. You should check it out. 

  • I am so excited for the final installment of THIS BOOK which comes out on Tuesday while I'm in London! And then Rachel Hawkins comes here and I'm so pumped to meet her. YAY. 

Anyway, that's my random Friday morning update. Time seems to be standing still since I am London bound in only a few more hours! I don't leave until 9pm so help me pass the time by leaving other fun updates in the comments!! 

Everyone have a lovely week!!!!

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  1. Have a great trip! London is SO FUN! And thanks for the SLN love!


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