Shifts in Passion

Passion is one of those things that surprises you.

When it hits, at least for me, it initially comes with this overwhelming sense like "I had no idea I liked that so much" and then, pretty quickly, life becomes unimaginable without it.

I've always been someone who harped on living life with passion. It's one of the things I never saw anyone in my own life have growing up, and it was the only thing I really wanted to achieve: passion. 

It's spring time and guys,  I LOVE SPRING. I've been in a good mood all week. In a post-London (which was more amazing than words can express), welcome to sunshine good mood. And with the sunshine, comes the realization that my passions are shifting. 

Not away from writing, don't worry. I still can not live without writing. I couldn't not be a writer now that I am. 

But I love editing.

In case you didn't know (I didn't announce it or anything) I'm an associate editor with Spencer Hill. The last few months have been me jumping in and helping with nearly finished books, copy edits, promotion, and the never-ending slush pile. But then Kate told me I could be on the look out for my own project. 

I don't *officially* have a project yet, but I've been reading MSs like the world is ending just hoping to find one I get excited about, one I connect with, one I see potential in. It's hard.( I totally get why agents complain sometimes.) But, I have learned that I love the idea of working hands on with a book. Of brainstorming with an author. Of offering suggestions to make a story be the best it can be. 

And let me tell you--I love it. 

I guess it makes sense. I do have my tendency of being a Type A person. Plus, I'm a reader. I should love it all, I think, so those two sides of me--mixed with my writer me--are so prominent. 

Passion is surprising. 

If you would've told me I would find this immense pleasure in editing for other people, I would've probably called you insane. It just makes me wonder what other things are out there that I don't know I love yet. 

I can't wait to find them.

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