Apologies (aka. The reasons for not blogging this week)

1. I am on "vacation"---which is really a fancy way of saying I'm out of town. I had a wedding and needed to get away so I did. It's been so good. Two days left--and travel home. So, I'm gone until Thursday.

2. I've been editing on this vacation. Hard copy edits. Last one. Let's all take a moment to rejoice! *inhale/exhale* Moment over. I'm not half done yet--and then I have to change everything on the computer. Not much time left and quite a bit to fix.

3. I like to read.

4. Friends are the best part of vacations---especially when you haven't seen them in a few months. It's been just wonderful and refreshing. I'm ready to go home now though...

5. YA Spooktacular. Wow. It's going to be awesome and it's sure been busy planning. We'll be posting some more information early next week. TONS of ways to win really awesome prizes. You should go follow Khelsea to stay in the loop, too. It's good to be prepared.

6. Um. I don't have a six. I just dislike odd numbers. :)

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