The first time is memorable

Firsts are important. First car. First kiss. First line.

In the fun book-ish world, you can add some other types of firsts...and these are momentous in the life a writer--or blogger.

First ARC you get in the mail. First blog post. First comment on said blog post. First book signing. First launch party.  First dinner with an author. First time my blog gets me a quote in an article. First post in which you go link crazy. First contest. First book expo event.

In the last few months, I've been watching as all these awesome things keep happening. It blows me away. And today--I did the last one on my list. I had my first book expo event. And it was glorious!

It was called NEIBA, which I was able to go to because of my job as a independent bookseller. I didn't really know what to expect (aside from the books.) Luckily, I had Irish there to guide and direct me some. What did I discover? Only the most excellent time ever. I met great publishing reps for our store and had some wonderful conversations about YA and the blogging and book selling world. It's amazing how connected they are--and how full of incredible people. The community here amazes me more and more each day.

Anyway...as I'm sure you are wondering...here's the fun stuff I got today!!

Some it is going toward the YA Spooktacular Event...so you'll have to make sure you check that out for some fun stuff! (Another first! I've never hosted a blogging event before.)

The exciting thing is that there are so many more firsts to look forward to!

The first BEA. The first author guest post. The first book tour stop I go to. The first time I break 100 followers.

The first time I send out a query. The first time I sent out partials. The first time I get an agent (and hopefully the only time). The first time I get a book deal (and hopefully not the last). And then the first a cover and first ARC.

Sure. I know that those could be a loooooong time from now, but they are still hopes I cling to and work toward. After all, what is life if not hope?


  1. I'm glad you had fun, and amazing swag there! I'm crazy jealous, I would love to go to that kind of thing for Borders.

    P.S. I voted for 100th Daughter

  2. Those are some great firsts and I hope you have a bunch more fantastic ones!

  3. Wooooow lucky! Here's to some REALLY momentous first for you in the coming year!


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