A Night with "The Near Witch"

As I promised, I am posting something awesome and random each day for my YA Anniversary!!!! And, in case you didn't hear, Victoria Schwab wrote a book called THE NEAR WITCH. 

She got some ARCs a few days ago. I just happened to be in Nashville when she got them (and we had an outing planned--so she brought them along too!) It's a really, really, really beautiful ARC. I held one my hands. I promise it is AWESOME. But you can see for yourself...This was how two ARCS of THE NEAR WITCH spent their first evening on the earth.
This is her spine. (PRETTY!)
This is her in YA.
This is her taking over the dark table!
This is V signing her!
This is V's name! She wrote it! I'm so excited...!!!

Here's the vlog that Victoria made about her awesome lovely! Oh, and here's where you can pre-order it on Amazon.

I know it may be kind of random to feature someone else's news on my Anniversary Posts of Awesomeness....but I love V. She's one of the people who really encouraged me in the beginning of all this so I'm VERY excited for her. Very. Very! I can't wait to read this. Put it on your TBR list.


  1. I love it, though I have to say the dark table is the smart chicks table, and that is where V belongs!
    I'm sad I missed all the fun, and happy YA anniversary again

  2. Oh, how fun!! I can't wait until I walk into Borders and can actually BUY a copy!! :D

  3. Nice photos! Did you take them? You're captions are funny too. Just so you know, you have me going CRAZY (if I wasn't already) for this book! I can't wait to get my hands on it.


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