If you like The Hunger Games...

Then you will LOVE this.

This morning Kelsey discovered this little baby and put it on Twitter. And WOW. Danielle Chuchran is going to make a GREAT Katniss. I really, really, really want her to get it!! Check it out. Prepare yourself because everyone who's seen it has cried. Wowzers!

What do you think?! Let's start the campaign to get Danielle Chuchran as Katniss!!!

Join the facebook fan page for Danielle as Katniss Everdeen!!!


  1. I was skeptical until the second half, but then it got fantastic--bravo Danielle! I'm also kind of geeking out about someone filming ANY part of this book. This is a real audition video??

  2. Yea!! That's what the director/poster person said. It was her audition video. I loved it too!


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