What do I do when I can't decide? A Love Interest Dilemma

I've been debated whether or not I would write this post, but things in my WIP have taken a turn and I need some writing advice. I've talked to my bff about it and she's no help on this one--each time I ask her she gives me an answer like this: "Kill them all. Everyone dies." That doesn't help me. And seeing as my beta & CP haven't read anything/aren't this far yet, I'm turning to you. Maybe you can help me figure it out. Now, sit back and allow me to vaguely explain the situation. *clears throat*

You know how some of the best YA has a Team? I'm rarely able to pick one. I mean, Team Edward, team Peeta, Lend and  Ron/Hermione easy enough back when but there are others I can't decide. (Team Will/Team Jem; Dimitri/Adrian, etc.I  can't even think of all my indecisions.) I never planned to write a book that had the option of a team.

So imagine my surprise when they started forming. (What?!?! Yes. Oh, yes.)

I always planned for my MC to be with T. That was the plan. And then, the more I wrote X--the more that changed. And changed. And changed some more. It changed and developed so much that my ending fell apart. I always have an ending. Always. I love my endings. Then, I had an ending--a glimmer of an ending, a faceless ending. Just a boy saying a line and I have no idea which boy it is.

I keep hoping as I write the story, my MC will just pick one. That she'll have this overwhelming moment of "YES. THIS is who I want now gimme!"

She doesn't. She's confused and lost and not sure how she can love X when she loves T. It's damn annoying. I've tried things to help her along. I've steered her toward one over the other and she just turns around. Back and forth, back and forth. I love her but she's useless and has no idea who she wants.

This has gotten so frustrating that I even Googled. You know the yahoo answer things that pop up when someone has asked a similar question? Yea, I read about 20. I looked through some of the "Team" books and tried to figure out why I decided (the few times I did.) My conclusion: it was the obvious answer. He was the best fit for her. Great idea! But both fit with her--that's why she can't decide.

One is who she always expected to love--and who she always has loved. The other one is unexpected, yet when she looks, has always been there. Uh-oh. And, her indecision is completely understandable. I love them both, too.

I think it will all work in the end. Maybe as I write more, things will fall into place. Until then, I'm looking for insight, suggestions, advice how to solve this mystery. Anyone have any ideas so I can figure this out?


  1. Just make one of them have a fatal (figuratively) flaw. Something that as much as she loves one of them, she can't get over. That way she is leaning towards one of them. Of course, that could make the situation more difficult, like Jem/Will... you know what? Don't listen to me. Just kill them all. Ha ha. Good luck with that!


  2. The flaw thing mentioned above is a good idea, like she does love X/T but it's just something she can't get passed and things would be better with T/X

    or who says she has to end up with the boy? He could still say the line(unless it's a line saying "I'm so glad you and I are together") but she could decide that for her, she needs to be by herself, even if she loves both guys she just can't pick and maybe it's better for her to know herself more before she tries...it's evil for the readers but it also gives you an opening for another book if you wanted to continue on with it.

    I know what you mean though b\c I can't choose between Jem/Will, Adrian/Dimitri, and for a while Nick/Alan

    Good luck!

  3. I don't know if I've had a problem choosing a side by the end of a book! Lol I get very "Oh he's the one she needs to be with!" I think you know who I'd say with what I've read of it so far. But, I always enjoy the new guy and end up gravitating towards them. But hmm, one of them could die, sacrifice themselves, end up bad, or have a flaw like the other people said, one of them could drift away from her(maybe another girl/trust problems/too many differences/ect)So, don't know if any of that is helpful, but that's all I've got. Happy writing and I hope it works out for you!

  4. Hmmm, any chance one of the guys won't put up with her indecision and they decide for themselves that SHE isn't right for them, although they may have thought so all this time? Sometimes, you think you love someone, but when actually faced with the possibility/chance of being together, you learn things that make you change your mind when it comes right down to it.If someone couldn't make up their mind about me, at some point, I'd make it up for them. I have too much self respect to feel second best. I want someone to want me and know they want me. If it's that hard of a decision, then that's MY sign that THEY aren't right for me. It then becomes my choice. :)

  5. You ladies are chocked full of really great ideas!! Thanks for your thoughts. I'm definitely going to see what happens with the flaws and the other things that can get in the way and everything you've mentioned! You had great points.

    And, Britta: that was hilarious.

    E: That is a really evil idea. And I'd already thought of it! XD Also, who's Nick/Alan? Idk them...

    X: That's who I love too! And then I met the other guy. You don't really know him at all yet in what you've read. That was the problem I found.

    Julie: Remind me never to mess with you. You are fierce and awesome. And, that's such a good idea.

  6. I like the last idea too! Also good minds think a like on being evil ;)

    Nick and Alan are from Sarah Rees Brennan's Demon Lexicon series, completely amazing! They are dark and I love them both

  7. I totally agree with a Tale of Many Reviews! I think the whole "Team" thing is getting a little stale, so I think tipping it on its head and having a boy say "You know what? I'm Team Me! And I'm sick of waiting around for you to decide. So see ya!" would be unexpected and awesome. The problem with the "Team" thing is it tilts all the power to one side--the girl's. And as much as I love girl power, it's just not realistic. Real guys would find it difficult to tolerate knowing the girl they love is unsure about whether to love them--and then when she decides, how is their relationship not forever marred by her initial uncertainty? If she doesn't know what she wants, is she really ready for a relationship?

  8. 1) We should have lunch so I can hear all about this! Finals are over soon for me!

    2) What are the guys trying to do to win her? Do any of them do something that doesn't sit well with her?

    I can tell you that most team books have the heroine going for the X (unexpected) rather than the T(old friend)... Edward, Peeta, etc. Does that mean you should? *shrug* It's interesting that it has become expected to choose the unexpected.

    I like the idea of giving the guys some agency in this as mentioned above, but I also feel like as a reader I would want the heroine to make a decision. If one of the guys backs out and the heroine is like "oh! You made this choice easy!" it will feel unsatisfying and also the relationship that DOES happen will seem unauthentic... like she just chose "what was left" instead of her heart making a difficult decision.

  9. I have to totally agree with one of the guys getting fed up with her. When I think about it, it seems like the sort of thing a guy would do... the guys I know wouldn't let the whole thing hang on one girl who can't make up her mind.

    On the other hand, they do love a challenge.

    And, since the girl is the MC, she has to make most of the decisions that resolve everything, ideally... Like Ariane said.

    So maybe the flaw idea is better. Oh, well, I still like the twist of one of the boys leaving. Maybe you could do some kind of combo.


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