BEA is in less than a week!

Aw, I miss you little blog and followers! *hugs* I thought I'd give a random update in a list and with pictures! I like all those things. Here's what May has been for me, aside from work, work, work, work, work, sleep, work, work, work. :) 

1) I didn't finish my novel. (yet!!!!) BUT I've made incredible progress thanks to #wordwars on twitter. We're doing them every night this week at 10pm EST if anyone wants to join.

Not THAT kind of #wordwar...the kind where people write for an hour (varies) to see who can write the most amount of words. It's oddly productive and fun.

2) I also consumed all three seasons of Merlin in a week. My life is complete and full. I'm a happy girl. Why did no one tell me about this before?? Now, I'm lamenting in being done and waiting.

3) I'm knee deep (more like ear deep) in preparation for school. So excited! Also, freaked. Also, overwhelmed. Scared. Horrified. Good stuff. CRAZY. I'm petrified. Petrified is a good word. *breathes*

4) I wrote some book reviews! So you can expect those pretty soon. *applauds self* I'm also debating blogging/vlogging from BEA. Thoughts on that lovelies?

5) I love Tumblr. I waste so much time there fangirling over Doctor Who and Merlin. Lovely. Follow me!

6) Susane Colasanti is coming to do a signing at my store on Friday night!! I'm super pumped about meeting her. She writes fun books. :) I'll probably give one away. Speaking of, I need to send out that package from NW giveaway. (Sorry! It's coming I swear! I haven't sent my mom's mother's day/birthday gift yet either so...)

If you're in the area you should come! It's at 4pm. There will be cupcakes!!

7) I'm reading an INCREDIBLE book. Like whoa. WHOA. It's good.

8) Apparently, this month, I've done a really great job at wasting time. Why? Because I made this. If you're a Merlin or Doctor Who fan then you will hopefully like it.

9) HARRY POTTER COMES IN OUT IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS. That deserves all caps. I can't remember the official count. I was going to say 56 days, but if I'm wrong by best friend will flog me. Well, it's not that she reads this...so in 56-ish days. :)

I love you all. I will return to regularly scheduling blogging momentarily. You know....after....after the beep.....Meanwhile, leave a message and tell me how YOU are.


  1. I love Merlin too!! :) I blogged about it too after I watched the three seasons because it was sooo good! Glad you loved it too! :D

  2. I have to agree with both you! I love Merlin too! It's an amazing show! :D Glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves such an amazing show! I can't wait until the new episodes for the fourth season are available! I've seen the actors with scripts on Facebook so they must be filming already! :D

  3. HARRY POTTER COMES OUT IN LESS THAN ONE MONTH. Now there's something that deserves all caps!

  4. Woah. Woah. Woah. Did I just see a picture of Merlin *scurries to go read post*

  5. MERLIN!!!!!!!!!!!

    HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!



  6. Love Merlin, Love Doctor Who, also attended BEA, also named Danielle . . . are you my doppleganger? Seriously though, love your blog ^_^

  7. MERLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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