Hourglass by Myra McEntire

In twenty days this lovely book called Hourglass by Myra McEntire comes out into the world. I love this book. Here's a vlog I made that tells you all the reasons why. I recorded back in February so some things are no longer true.

1) This is not my first vlog review anymore.
2) This book comes out JUNE 14 now.
3) I did intentionally play that song at the beginning. Even though I didn't admit to it. I had a lot of coffee that day.
4) My bangs are no longer this awesome. :(


Here's a summary review!

Emerson has always seen things that aren't really there, ghosts or figments of her imagination. She's never had an answer, a reason why they appear to her, but they do. When the visions start to ruin her life, a boy named Michael is hired by her brother to help her. Michael turns out to be part of a secret organization called Hourglass that deals with people like Emerson, and like himself. Emerson learns she isn't seeing ghosts--but time slips, moments of the past that appear in her timeline. And Michael, he sees time slips too--of the future. The two team up to solve a murder and prevent the horrible future from happening, they get more than they bargain for. This is a WONDERFUL story. It's the perfect blend of humor, mystery and romance. Toss in some time travel, strange twists and a kick butt main character, Hourglass is certain to entertain every reader! It's awesome yall. AWESOME. Go read it.


  1. I loved loved loved this book! I don't know if I can do a vlog review though. I feel like I would get very tongue tied. :/

  2. Your bangs were awesome! =) I don't think I could do a vlog review. I'm too shy. Even though I would be talking to a camera, it would freak me out to know that other people are watching it. I love your review of Hourglass! I will be picking that up soon!


Thanks for your comment!! I appreciate you stopping by! :)