Welcome BEA 2011 Vistors! *sticky post*

Hello new lovely visitors to my little corner of the world!

I'm glad you stopped by. Sit. Have a cupcake and a cup of coffee. Take a rest in this frenzy and let's enjoy a good book or talk about writing. That's what we do here, good books and writing.

Maybe I met you in line at BEA or BBC or an author signing. Maybe you're an author, publisher, blogger or PR person I spoke with at Javits or another event in New York during the week. Maybe you heard me talking excitedly about something and loudly with unhidden passion, because I do a lot. I'm also tall, so maybe you just saw me towering over the others. I'm cool like that.  (Kidding.)

However you found me, yay! You did. Now the fun starts. My name is Danielle and I've got the super awesome fun task of talking about things I love here on Frenzy of Noise. You can check out more about me and this blog on the About Me page and My Review Policy. I also do fun author events/interviews. You check those out in the labels "interviews" and "Author Focus Week."

The thing about my blog: I only review books I enjoyed. I think it's important to talk about things I love. As an aspiring writer, I don't like to talk negatively about books. So when you're here, we discuss the things we like and share life and community with writing, random happenings and fun. Check out some of the books I've reviewed by title and any of my author focus segments with the interview tag or the Author Focus Week. And if you'd like to contact me, you can do so through email or Twitter.

And my other lovely followers,

I haven't forgotten you. I'm going to post a vlog review this week (and maybe more) and update you on the week. While I'm here at BEA, I'm hard at work gathering things for my blogoversary which is approaching quickly. So, I'll come home with goodies for you as well! Feel free to leave me some random happiness moments and updates on your week in the comments. You know I love connecting!

If you need me for anything, you can still contact me through email or Twitter, though it may take me slightly longer than usual to respond.

Have a lovely day! *passes you a cupcake*

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  1. Happy moments for this week? Hmm..let's see...while you're at awesome BEA, I got slapped so hard in the face where my glasses are that they left a small bruise(I'd rather be in NY w/ you...maybe next year!) Lol but yeah...hope your having fun up there! Tell me all about it when you get back!


Thanks for your comment!! I appreciate you stopping by! :)