Legacy by Cayla Kulver

Publisher: Harlequin
Date: June 28, 2011
Series or Standalone:  First in trilogy
ISBN: 978-0373210343
Format: Paperback, 496 pages
Source: netgalley

Rating: B-   
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Legacy sounded really, really awesome to me from the beginning. I'm a fan of fantasy. Give me queens, kings, princess forced into marriage and I'm going to at least try to read it. I write this review a little torn. So let's talk about the reasons.

On one hand, I really liked so much about this story.

I liked the soldier/courter of Princess Alera--Steldor. He's pompous, concieted, a big shot in everything he does. Alera hates him for all those reason. Me? From the second I met him and saw their banter exchange, I called him Mr. Darcy in my head. They had the same kind of feel to them--that backward attraction that keeps each other on their toes and ready for a snarky comment. Yea.

Then there is London. He's Alera's  bodyguard from the time of her birth. At first, I thought he was her age. They had this really weird chemistry and I thought they were going to end up together! Then, I learned he was double her age. And I'm not sure still if there were homosexual vibes between him and another character or not. It's all very confusing in my head because I don't know where to put them!

Enter the Cockyrian. His name is Narian. He's a boy Alera's age and he comes from the enemy camp. Only wait--he's really something else entirely, someone else. Of course, from the moment he stepped on the page I knew--I KNEW--he would be a love interest. And I was not wrong. And darn it, I really liked him too. Well damn. What now?

Obviously, there's a war. There's fighting. There's the evolution of Steldor, the complication of London, betrayal, breeches and lots of flirting. So yea, it was really good.

At the same time, I figured out the whole story from the beginning, so I wasn't reading to be pulled along. Why was I reading? I don't know.

There was something about this book that kept me reading. And I really did enjoy it. Was it my favorite ever? No. Were things I didn't like? Yes. Did it entertain me and pull me out of reality? Yes.
The world-building was great. I  liked the secondary characters more than Alera and thought they really made the story. I can't wait to see what else we learn about Narian and Steldor and London and even her sister, Miranna. I am definitely going to read the next one!

My favorite parts were ones that involved Steldor. I guess I'm a fan of the underdog. If you like epic fantasy, I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's definitely worth a read--if for no other reason, do it so you can tell me what you think of all the boys.

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