Skyship Academy Blog Tour: Stop 2. Meet Jesse

Hey guys! I'm excited to be stop #2 on the Skyship Academy Tour! If you follow this tour throughout the nine days and 15 stops, there are 8 clues scattered on the blogs.  Make sure you go to every stop on the tour so you can find the clues. These clues spell out a secret coordinate and you need this coordinate so you can win on the last stop of the tour. (back here on Frenzy!)
If you gather the clues, you'll get coordinates. Then, you'll find the pearl AND you can win:  A supplemented copy of the book with a bonus Skyship diagram and bonus information. 

Should be awesome.
Let's meet Jesse. He's one of the main characters in the book.  
What's your best memory of childhood? 

I can’t remember being anywhere but the Academy my whole life. That’s depressing, huh? I guess my best memories would be when the teachers would take us over to other ships. We’d go to Polaris a lot to the carnivals on the top level. It seemed so big as a kid. Maybe I’ll live there someday. 

What's a typical day at the Academy like for you?

Mass boring, honestly. I try to get up as close to breakfast as possible, but even that’s too early. I hear training gets crazier the older you get, but even in Year Nine the schedule the teachers give you is too much. Then they expect you to study and “do more learning” at the library after classes. It’s like, most kids on the Surface can get away from it all once the day’s done. I live at my school, and I can’t get out. Imagine that. It’s kinda freaky. I mean, is that even legal?

How does someone get into Skyship Academy?

Unless you’re one of the Agents’ kids or a transplant for another training ship, there’s no way. We recycle everything onboard, including people. It’s too much people-recycling if you ask me. Kids end up being just like their parents, so it’s like having a hundred clones on the ship. If I ever have kids, I’m breaking them out of here first chance I get.

What did you know about the Pearlhounds before you met them on the Surface?

I knew if I ever saw one I would run the other way. Captain Alkine says to never hesitate in battle, but what are you supposed to do when some big military dude comes lumbering at you? I’m no soldier. The best I could do is find some rock to hide behind and hope they don’t see me. God, don’t tell Alkine I said that. We’re not supposed to hide. Hiding “doesn’t get the Pearl.” But you can’t get the Pearl if you’re dead, right?

What was it like the first time you held a Pearl in your hands?

I was mass scared to touch one the first time. I thought maybe it would explode. The way they glow… the way that it looks like the green light goes on forever… it’s hard to explain. I didn’t like it. I’m still not much of a fan. I mean, we don’t even know what they are. Not really. Maybe we’re not even meant to touch them. 

How has your life changed before and after that first time you went to the Surface and met Cassius? 

Well, something happened down there. I don’t know what it was, but I don’t feel good about it. All the teachers have started acting weird since I got back, and I keep getting these strange dizzy spells. I hope it all just blows over. Knowing my luck, I‘ll probably self destruct in the middle of class. Come to think of it, that might be better than having to listen to one of Dr. Hemming’s Pearl lectures. 

Be honest--what's the most infuriating thing about Cassius?  

He scares the crap out of me. There’s guys onboard the Academy like him, too. Nothing seems to phase them. They’re, like, walking action figures. I swear, if I could even get close enough to punch him in the face, my fist would probably just bounce off and smack me in the head.  

If you could change anything about yourself or the world, what would you change?

I wish Pearls would just go away. I wish the bombings would’ve never happened and life would be like it was before I was born. We wouldn’t need Skyships or Skyship Agents, and we wouldn’t need to fight so much. That would be awesome.
Get more information about Jesse in this ON THE FRINGES stop over at Books, Sweets and Other Treats.

CLUE #2: 
In the instructions for the game Skyship Tag, there is a bulleted list of materials you will need to play. How many bullet points are in this list? This number is today’s piece of the coordinates!

And tomorrow, go stop number 3 where Nick James talks about the world of SKYSHIP over at Books Complete Me. Good luck gathering those clues!!

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