*Cold Kiss by Amy Garvey

Publisher: Harper Teen
September 20, 2011
Series or Standalone:
Hardcover 336, pages
Cover thoughts:

Rating: A
First line:
I wasn't thinking about falling in love the day I met Danny Greer.

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The first thing that drew me to this book was the cover. I mean look at it, it's kind of creepy, but gorgeous! I also heard the book was very sad, and I hate crying, so I put it off. Then I finally read it and I was so glad! It was an amazing read!

When Wren's boyfriend Danny is killed in a car accident, she is so devastated she uses her inherited powers to bring him back to life. What Wren doesn't know is that the Danny that comes back is not the boy she knew. Wren has spent the past 4 month hiding Daniel in a neighbors garage loft and Wren becomes more distant from her friends and family. When Gabriel transfers to her school he can sense what she is hiding, what she has done. She is attracted to Gabriel who is much more alive than Danny. Wren soon realizes that she must take responsibility for what she has done and make it right, even if letting Danny go will break her heart.

Wren is pretty messed up and it is completely understandable. I feel like I didn't get to know Wren very well, but I wanted her to be happy and I was pulling for her to do the right thing.

Gabriel was interesting from the moment her entered the the story with the way he could sense what Wren could do. He was caring and he wanted to help Wren because he knew what she was going through was horrible. He wasn't judgmental, he just helped her.

Since Wren has these incredible inherited powers, I was excited to see more of them. I was hoping she would do something cool like make the door open without touching it, but sadly it didn't happen. The story really didn't focus on the powers except when talking about Danny and Wren's mother.

Cold Kiss was a heartbreaking and beautiful read that will make you cry into the final pages.

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