Fragment Friday: FALLING UNDER and CLARITY

It's Friday! *cheers* Being an "adult" brings a whole new meaning to TGIF. (Aw... *Boy Meets World flashback montage here* I love that show.) BUT it also means it's time for Fragment Friday. (Another side note: You ever seen the Charlie Is So Cool Like videos? We need that announcer to do the same for Fragment Fridays. It'd be so cool....)

Anywho...this is weekly meme hosted by James from Book Chic Club where we vlog something that we're reading currently or a book that we love or something we want to read just because it goes with the week's theme. (Ok, I added that bit.) Today, I feature Falling Under by Gwen Hayes *swoon* and Clarity by Kim Harrington. *snark* As you can see, it will be fun. Enjoy! 

Read my Falling Under review here and enter to a copy here.
Come back on Monday/Tuesday for my review of Clarity and a fun Kim Harrington interview!


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