Mini-reviews: See What I See, Unearthly, Prom & Prejudice, Nightshade

Part of being a book reviewer is reading books that you didn't like. This is the part of the job that I hate. I hate saying I didn't like a book---because nine times out of ten, I love the author. And as a writer, rejection is hard. So, I tend to put these off.

Even the books that were fine but not amazing are hard to talk about. The books you love--those are the easiest. Those are the ones I like to talk about. Unfortunately, most of the 2011 books I've read so far have been...well...ehhh. And, in effort to avoid said post/finish my WIP,  I thought I'd post them all together for ease.  I tried to explain the reasons I didn't like it and provide the link of someone who did.

I realize that this may be your favorite book ever! but it wasn't mine. I'd love to hear thoughts and constructive comments, but please don't be mean. If you are, I will delete your comments. Opinions are like noses--everyone has one and they are always different! (cliche, yes...but I couldn't resist.)

*inhales deeply*

See What I See by Gloria Whelan

This had the potential to be a really incredible. I thought the premise of the book was unique--and the cover very appealing. It was a short read, which is a winner for me. It started out strong and the writing was really nice, but the story fell flat. The girl gives up everything for the man that abandoned her. In some aspects, I get it. I even think it's a beautiful sacrifice. In other aspects, it upset me. The feminist in me doesn't like the message of putting your chance on hold for someone else.

I do think that the relationship between her and her father is tragic and beautiful. I like the growth she went through and the stages of their relationship. The author uses really vivid descriptions, and in a book about art that is to her advantage. I didn't hate the book; I didn't love it either. It was so-so.

Someone who loved this book: Princess Bookie. 

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

I really, really tried to love this book, too. I did. I swear. I went into it open-mindedly, considering I don't really love angel books. The first 80 pages were torture. Nothing happened--and kept not happening. The characters--at 100 pages in--were still undeveloped and mysterious to me as a reader, but not in a good way. I didn't know them; didn't feel anything at stake for them and really, didn't care.

Sure, the love story was great. But everything else for me was lackluster. I think Hand did a great job at developing a new angel mythology--and keeping it consistent throughout the book--but it wasn't strong enough to keep my attention. I know this was another one everyone liked, but I didn't. Maybe I missed it--but it was almost like every other angel book I've read.

Someone who loved this book: Reading Teen

Prom & Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg 

Re-makes are hard to do. My favorite part of this book: Darcy. I think he translates well in any context. I was smiling through a lot of it because of Mr. Darcy.

So much of the rest didn't work for me. It was almost too strict on Pride & Prejudice. It was hard for me take it seriously in the beginning. The dialogue was weird. For a modern-day story, they should've spoken like they would in modern-day. Even upper class New Englander wouldn't use the speech they used in conversations. There was so much build-up about the prom, and the ending was disappointing in that respect.

On a whole it was fine. Another reviewer on goodreads said "it's nothing special" and I would echo that. I didn't hate it and I didn't love it. But I do love Darcy.  

Someone who loved this book: Overflowing Shelf

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

This book didn't work. Nothing about it worked. Calla is hormone crazy. The triangle is more like a line, which points only to herself. Ren is the stronger love interest of the two boys--but even he isn't believable. Shay is completely ridiculous. I didn't buy the relationship between any of them--and I wanted to. I kept waiting for it to turn around, but it didn't. I was disappointed. The only thing that worked in my eyes is that somewhere people loved this book. I think opinions are what sells a book--and Nightshade has sold. My CP loves this book. My fellow reviewers (mostly) love this book. I wanted to, but it fell short for me. I was having trouble writing this review but, I found one that echoed my feelings to the letter. So, go to this site. She said it all so much more elegantly than I did!

The cover IS gorgeous, though. I mean, it's beautiful. And Andrea Cremer is a super sweet lady. I hate that I didn't like the book. I really do. Maybe that post up there will explain it waay better than this blurb did.

Someone who loved this book: Mundie Moms

That's all. Don't stone me...but do share your well-mannered thoughts!

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  1. Stoned for nightshade and unearthly!

  2. Stoned for Nightshade! Ha, ha, just kidding :-) What you've said about these books is exactly the way I've felt about other books so I understand. I was curious to know what you thought about Prom and Prejudice as I've been keen to read that. So thanks for the comments there. I can honestly say that I enjoyed Nightshade, and I think it is because I wasn't expecting much when I went in (not sure why, but I wasn't!) and I found myself kind of.. pleasantly surprised :-) And I wasn't bored because things kept happening! Anyway, we all have different tastes, right :-)

  3. The triangle was more like a line which points only to herself!! I love it!! I'm totally with you! I can't understand the frenzy over that book. I thought it was awful. I do love the author though, she's a total sweety.

    Thanks for linking my review of Unearthly. I did really love it, and it's the only angel book I've really liked so far. (If you don't count The Mortal Instruments).

    I totally get the Prom and Prejudice post! I said kind of the same thing, especially about the strange dialog. But I thought younger readers and those who haven't read the original would like it.

    I haven't read the other book.

    This is how I do negative reviews sometimes. I like it, and your honesty!!

  4. Braiden---blahhhhhh. :) See cliche about noses.

    Rachel--Prom & PRejudice WAS fun to read. Even though I was annoyed with it, by the end there was a smile on face. You should definitely read it b/c it's quick. And idk, Nightshade just didn't do it for me. lol. Ah well..

    Andye--I knew you loved Unearthly so I didn't think you'd mind. AND I borrowed the idea from yall. :) I'm glad you appreciate my line-age. Yea, I just didn't get that book AT ALL. Go read Gail's post that I linked--she did it brilliantly.

    I can agree about Prom. I liked it, I just didn't love it. :) And I totally don't count Mortal Instruments as an angel book. They're so much more.

  5. I just finished Nightshade and I have very mixed feelings about it!The story was interesting and I will read the sequel but I really don't know what to think about it.I loved the fact that the main character was strong but her hormones ...... let's leave it at that

  6. All of these books seem interesting in a way. But I agree that Nightshade wasn't that great. It was not about being a werewolf, it was mostly about the love triangle, which irked me.


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