Some Valentine's Day Fun

It's a day for celebrating the people you love. And honestly, friends, I love all of you. If I didn't, I wouldn't spend so much time with you! From me to you:

This is a pretty random post for today--because Valentine's Day is supposed to be FUN!

First, I'm a BIG fan of Mad Libs. Did you know there are a ton of Mad Libs online? Yup.  If you click here, then you can go make your own Valentine (or anytime) Mad Lib. I made one! See? (Disclaimer: It's 1:40 am....)

You are my generous love. You have me completely in your wings. I know and feel that if I am to talk anything fine and noble in the future I shall do so only by wondering at the books of your heart. I would like to go through life leg by leg with you, Trying you more and more until we Cried to be six being(s) together until the hour should come for us to jump.

Is it perfect? No. Was it fun? Yes. There's even a poetry one right here, if you want to strictly do a love lib.  You should play.  And if you do any of these activities, leave the finished product in the comments. I really like Mad Libs and corny poems--and who knows, maybe someone will get a surprise for being awesome!

I'm also hosting a giveaway. I'm not telling you what it is. It's a Valentine's day surprise!

Thanks for being lovely! Have a great day :)


  1. Here's mine. I was thinking of Declaration of charlieissocoollike and his flat mate nerimon. It kinda works!

    WE hold these boys to be self-coolio, that all Men are created British, that they are vlogged by their Creator with certain hilarious Rights, that among these are cards, Liberty and the snogging of Happiness -- That to secure these Rights, books are instituted among Men, talking their hawt Powers from the Consent of the music, that whenever any Form of vlog becomes entertaining of these Ends, it is the island of the People to love or to laugh it...


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