Spotted: Today's Releases (1)

 These titles are out and about in the wild TODAY.  I am way excited. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you wonderful books and authors!!

I've had an ARC of this for a while and I FINALLY read it last night. It was AMAZING. See? Look, it's in my list. I'm working on the review today so hopefully it will be up on Wednesday. But really, just go buy it. It's freaking awesome. AWESOME I tell you. Look for the review soon and a giveaway with this book later. I can already promise that will hapen. Plus, Courtney Allison Moulton is super fun. You should support her debut novel. It's kick-butt.

Nothing’s simple when you run with werewolves. Jess Gillmansen thinks she’s seen it all but her eyes are about to be opened to even more danger and a reality far more paranormal than she’s suspected. With Jess’s realization that the Rusakovas’ mother is still alive and imprisoned, the group’s choices become harder and trust more important. Lines are drawn and relationships change as the broken Rusakova family struggles to reunite long enough to free their mother and people who Jess always just took to be normal people show themselves to be much, much more.

I started this book today! I'm way behind on my TBR but I have heard some really amazing things about this debut from Sara Bennett Wealer. Everything up to page 8 has been good! You can be sure I'll talk about when I've finished it. If you like music, contemporary novels, stories about friends and rivals--then you should check this out! It sounds like something I've never read before and I'm pumped about the new and different.

She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah! When Regina Bloomsbury’s band, the Caverns, breaks up, she thinks it’s all over. And then she makes a wish— “I wish I could be as famous as the Beatles.” The Beatles are her music idols. The next day, she gets up to find that the Caverns are not just as famous as the Beatles, they have replaced them in history! Regina is living like a rock star, and loving it. There are talk shows, music videos, and live concerts with thousands of screaming fans. And Regina is the star of it all.  But fame is getting the better of Regina, and she has a decision to make. Does she want to replace the Beatles forever? Here is a rocking novel about the good and the bad of Hollywood, fame, and rock ’n roll. I like The Beatles. This book seems interesting! If anyone reads it, let me know!

The sequel to The Body Finder is out today! I posted a review here so be sure to check that out for the scoop.  Kimberly Derting does an amazing job at showing you the characters and their deepest thoughts without you realizing it. This book is a thrill-ride filled with new characters, new scenarios, new drama and new challenges. If you liked The Body Finder then you won’t be disappointed by it’s sequel.

Being only half-vamp in a high school like Carpathia Night makes you a whole loser. But Danny Gray manages to escape the worst of the specists at his school. Thanks to genetic treatments he had as an infant, most people assume Danny's other half is human. Which is a good thing. 
Ever since the development of synthetic blood – SynHeme – vamps have become society’s elite, while wulves like his father work menial jobs and live in bad neighborhoods.  Wulves are less than second class citizens; once a month they become inmates, forced to undergo their Change in dangerous government compounds. For Danny, living with his vamp mother and going to a school with a nearly all-vamp student body, it’s best to pretend his wulf half doesn’t even exist.  But lately Danny's been having some weird symptoms -- fantastic night vision; a keener-than-usual sense of smell; and headaches, right around the full moon. 
Even though it's easy to be in denial, it's hard to ignore evidence.  There's only a month until the next few moon, and Danny's time is running out.

Welp, there you have it. Some of today's hottest YA titles. Let me know if you pick up any of these and what you think of them! As for me, I'm off to write my ANGELFIRE review and read RIVAL. Happy book hunting!


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