The Book of Awesome

 If you know me (in any form of the word) you know three things.

One: I love the word awesome and, in fact, use it too much. But whatever. It's the best word.
Two: I pretty much AM awesome.
Three: I love random things. Random makes the world go round.

(Speaking of "awesome" and "random" my blog is now www.frenzyofnoise.net! I'm excited!) 

Still here? Good. I discovered this book on Friday at work. I was immediately drawn to it while shelving because of the bright colors and the use of my favorite word. I wasn't really sure what a book titled The Book of Awesome had to offer me, but when I opened it I was completely floored. Really. I lost balance from laughter and proceeded to hit the floor. Luckily, it was only a few inches so no need to worry.
The Book of Awesome presents simple pleasures for a younger, hipper generation. From the smell of gasoline to fixing electronics  to the extra time you get when the clocks roll back, The Book of Awesome reminds readers of little things that make us smile everyday. Paperback: 400 pages   Publisher: Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam
There's really no way to explain or review this book besides to give you a taste of what's INSIDE. So, I had some lovelies on Twitter pick page numbers. This is just the entry heading, each thing is described with more detail as to why it is awesome. But I can't tell you everything or you won't want to go buy it---which you DO want to do.

357: New Socks Day  
256: Backseat Car Windows That Go All the Way Down
3: The Other Side of the Pillow
359: Watching Your Odometer Click Over a Major Milestone
42: Fixing Electronics by Smacking Them
13: Strategic Trick-or-Treating
7: Wearing Underwear Just Out of the Dryer
21: When You Get the Milk to Cereal Ratio Just Right
264: Perfectly Popped Microwave Popcorn
27: Having a Whole Row on the Plane to Yourself
9: Old, Dangerous Playground Equipment
250: Peeling Off Your Old Bathing Suit and Putting on Warm Clothes After Swimming for a Long Time
183: Laughing So Hard You Make No Sound at All
99: When You're Really Tired and About to Fall Asleep and Someone Throws a Blanket on You 
301: The Smell of Books
44: Hitting a Bunch of Green Lights in a Row
117: The First Scoop Out of a Jar of Peanut Butter

Fun right? This book makes me smile so incredibly much. It's the gift that keeps on giving. And would make a perfect gift for anyone--especially when you don't know what to get! You should buy it. I've even linked every site I could think of for easy ordering access. It's seriously worth it!

You can also learn about awesome things at the website that started this awesome-ness http://1000awesomethings.com/ and a second book The Book of Even More Awesome Things that comes out in April 28.

If you leave a comment with a number, I'll put up whatever the subject is in the comments. It runs from page 1-367.

Awesome. :)


  1. This book sounds great! (deliberately not using 'awesome' in this comment...) Thanks for sharing, Danielle, I never would have heard about it otherwise. And I think you're right - great idea for a gift book.

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