Crazy. AKA The One with Captain Jack, Yoda & Rum. (I mean coffee.)

It's kinda crazy over here in Danielle-land. Seriously. Tons of stuff going on! And, I just finished reading the most amazing book in the world. Now, I need to figure out what to say about it. I loved it. And when I'll have time to do that.

Anyway, this is me right now: 

Yup. Sad and scary. I'm starting training at a new job* (10 hours this week) and working at the store (30 hours this week) and nannying.

This is also me:

Striking similar though not as fun as "where has all the rum gone?"** Where is my sanity? I need coffee. In addition to working, I'm also in the middle of an Edit War with my CP (which was my idea***) and trying to read and make progress in my WIP. I'm also working on a secret thing (slowly) with Victoria Schwab and the rest of the Book Pimps**** AND I need to eventually packing to go home to WV for two weeks on Monday.

I don't know how it's all going to happen either.

SO all to say I have read four books this month. The amazing one I stayed up all night reading. The one I have for a blog tour in April. One I didn't like so won't review****. And one I've already reviewed. Thus, for the sake of time and sanity, I've called upon some lovely friends who are going to do some guest posts for me. Stay tuned for that. I'm pretty excited about it!

Have a lovely week, lovelies. Someone please go read a great book and tell me all about it.

May the force be with you and your endeavours.  And with me. *runs off to find more coffee*

*new job: office admin for a physical therapy office. Part time. Super excited. 

**Do not consume rum unless over 21. Please. I quote it because Johnny Depp is a pretty pirate. Captain Jack rules. In fact, I there are two Captain Jack characters...both rule. 

See? Pretty Captain Jack....

***Edit War: Who can edit the most of the other person's MS in x amount of time. Winner gets a book! Great in theory, killer in practice.

****The Book Pimps....what is that? Find out sooooon. 

***** No, I won't tell you book it was. And no, I don't want to talk about it because it irked me. Nothing happened in 400 pages! *grumble*


  1. Wow, with the week I've been having, it seems like you just took pics of me. :)

  2. Sounds like fun ... and a little like my life - excpet substitute Chai Tea for coffee :)

    I just finished Liar Society by Lisa & Laura Roecker and LOVED it! I wish they'd hurry up and finish book 2 already!


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