All The Things

There is so much to tell you lovelies. So much because my life is sort of like this post. Only not as funny.

1) I spent the weekend in the DC area with my CP Christina--who is awesome and wonderful and fantastic. (I already knew that but when you get to meet in person it's 10000x better.) AND my other writing buddy Patricia. We had a fantastic time together. (And I'm doing two secret projects with Patricia. Both are exciting. One involves writing. That's all I can say right now. But yes.)

2) I'm only a nanny for a matter of WEEKS. Weeks. Crazy. Scary. Excited because my brain is about to explode from All The Things. And, lovelies, the end of that means I'm living on couches and in spare beds for a few weeks. I have no idea what happens next so don't ask me!

3) I can not stop singing this song!! (Plus, Adam is hot. Gah. Take me away please.)

4) I met Maggie Stiefvater last week. I'm sorry that I forgot to tell you. She was very sweet.

5) I just read this book. And it was SUPER AWESOME. Anyone else? Go buy it and let's discuss!

6) I'm plotting my WIP. It's exhausting. Never ending. So exciting! I can't wait to write again. It feels like it's been forever. FOREVER.

7) GRAD SCHOOL IS HERE. I start on Friday and don't end until July 2. I'm so excited/nervous/wondering what the heck I was thinking. With that said, I'm in class all day every day. I'll be having some guest posts and some reviews coming up over the nine days. I know you will enjoy what they're all going to contribute and I hope you leave them lots of comment-love.

Tell me....

What's going on with you??


  1. YAY! for awesome stuff happening and good luck with grad school and finishing nanny-ing :)

  2. Sounds fun.

    I went to virginia beach and watched some Merlin.

    I love Merlin.


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