I need to take a second to say two things:

1) IMAGINARY GIRLS comes out today.

My mini-review: The story begins when Chloe is fourteen. She and her older sister Ruby are at a party and Ruby tells everyone Chloe can swim across the reservoir. Rumor is there used to be a city under there--and all the remnants lie just on the other side. Chloe, who lives to please her eccentric, perfect sister, swims across and stumbles on the dead body of a girl. Freaked from the whole incident, she flees her sister and the town they grew up in. Two years later Ruby comes for Chloe. When Chloe goes home again, she is thrust into a dark and twisted and completely unreal mystery that could send her over the edge. Imaginary Girls is a book written with excellence and a story you can't predict that leaves you guessing with every turn of the page. It's a book about the impossible--the impossible that exists in the world, in those we love most, and in yourself. It leaves you wondering and guessing long after the ending.

I read Imaginary Girls a few months ago and it was fantastic. My review is here, if you want to read more details of all the reasons why I loved it. In short, it's creepy and beautifully written. You won't regret the purchase.

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Congrats to Nova! I hope everyone loves the world you've created and the way you painted it like I did!

2) HOURGLASS comes out today!! And OMG, I AM EXCITED.

my mini-review:  Emerson has always seen things that aren't really there, ghosts or figments of her imagination. She's never had an answer, a reason why they appear to her, but they do. When the visions start to ruin her life, a boy named Michael is hired by her brother to help her. Michael turns out to be part of a secret organization called Hourglass that deals with people like Emerson, and like himself. Emerson learns she isn't seeing ghosts--but time slips, moments of the past that appear in her timeline. And Michael, he sees time slips too--of the future. The two team up to solve a murder and prevent the horrible future from happening, they get more than they bargain for. This is a WONDERFUL story. It's the perfect blend of humor, mystery and romance. Toss in some time travel, strange twists and a kick butt main character, Hourglass is certain to entertain every reader! It's awesome yall. AWESOME. Go read it.

You must go buy it now. Right now. It is one of my favorite books this year. It's full of so much win! You won't regret buying this for yourself, for your friends, for the stranger on the street. My vlog review is here, if you need more reasons.

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CONGRATULATIONS MYRA. It's been a long time coming. And it's been a pleasure to journey it beside you. I can't wait to see what happens next. :)


  1. Awesome! They are both on my wishlist and luckily I already got the Imaginary Girls egalley.

  2. Both books have very beautiful story and the Imaginary Girls has the most beautiful cover I have ever see.


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