Win The Near Witch!

So today is the TWO MONTH mark until the release of The Near Witch by Victoria Scwhab. And last month, we made a rap video. See...

This month, it's nothing as epic as that, yet still really awesome. Why? Well, the lovely people at Disney*Hyperion have these beautiful finished and signed first edition copies of the book just for you.

And you want it, right?

Of course you do!

Here's a chance to win it. It's really simple. In fact there are three steps: fill out the form, spread the word and leave a comment telling me your favorite fairy tale! 

**This is US only. If you've already won a copy you're not eligible for this one. This prize will not arrive until closer to the publication date in August when the finished copies are available.**


We're really asking you to spread the word so everyone can get the chance to win this amazing, amazing book. Anywhere you are, tell someone! Let me know in the comments where you posted it. If you're on Twitter please do it under the #NWgiveaway hashtag.  And, since The Near Witch is a fairy tale in so many ways, I'd love if you told me in the comments what your favorite fairytale or fairytale re-telling is.

Check out my fellow Book Pimps, as they will be giving away a signed, first edition of The Near Witch as well either today or tomorrow!

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  1. I tweeted about the giveaway :) Twitter.com/PrttyDdlyRvws

    My favorite fairy tale is Snow White, the Disney version, of course. I always identified with Snow White because we looked alike, and I just loooove Malificent.

  2. Cool giveaway! I tweeted: http://tinyurl.com/6cpbhcr

    My fave fairy tale would have to be Red Riding Hood. I'm still a sucker for all the retellings. :)

  3. I think my favorite fairy tale is "Beauty and the Beast", Disney version. :)

  4. I tweeted about the giveaway :)
    I love so many fairytales it's hard to choose, but I love Cinderella, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Beauty & the Beast, & The Little Mermaid.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway, :)

  5. My favorite fairy tale is Tangled (not that it is a fairy tale, but it's based off one). I love that movie, so adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Tweeted it - http://twitter.com/#!/arick01/status/76453678772527104

  6. My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Tweet: http://twitter.com/ShiningStar786/statuses/76458913276506113

  7. I've always loved Cinderella, but Beauty and Beast is a close second as well. =)

    thanks for the chance to win!


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