Blogoversary: Big Surprise Giveaway

So, I've given away some books on Twitter and FIVE prize packs. I have a lot of books! All week you've been commenting (hopefully) and tweeting. Thank you for making my blogoversary so amazing. Hugs for everyone! This is the last prize I have to give away...

It's a box. Much like this one....
It has books in it. And swag. There are about 20 books in there. (I forgot to count before I sealed it) and a bunch of swag. What kind of books? Old ones. New ones. Ones that haven't been released yet. And really, they are free!

One of you can have it.

My request is simple: leave a comment. All over this blog I have posts and reviews. Find one that's not from this week and leave a comment. Maybe it's something that you read a long time ago and liked, or a review for a book you're interested in. This is a little weird but it's something I've wanted to try for awhile now.

Then, up above in the "happenings" header (so you can find it easier from wherever you navigate on the blog) and below in this post, I have a form that you need to fill out. Then, you're entered! Pretty simple, huh? You must comment somewhere on the blog and fill out the form to be entered. Entries without a comment will be disqualified.

Once the giveaway closes, I'm going to tally up all the comments with your name on it from this week and give you extra entries for the Surprise Box. Pretty simple.

  • Following not required unless indicated! 
  • All winners will be chosen at random.  
  • All giveaways close at midnight on Sunday, June 19th 

     Have a chocolate chip and lollipop filled day! I'm off to D.C to see my CP and my other writing friend. Who are also my real friends. And I am excited!


    1. Wow, this giveaway is awesome! Thank you.

    2. This is a great idea for a giveaway! Not only is it a great prize, but I think it will be fun to explore your archives. I hope you had a great blogoversary!

    3. This has been an awesome week! THanks for all the opportunities to win. AND CONGRATS!

    4. Surprises are always fun, I hope you have had an amazing year of blogging. Congrats!

    5. I loved this idea! Really awesome. And thank you for this giveaway *-*

    6. YAY! THIS IS AWESOME! AND I AM IN A COMMENTING MOOD. *Scurries off to go comment away!*



    8. Oooh a goodie box of books! That's so awesome! Thanks for the chance to win the Big Surprise Box Giveaway!

      Happy Blogoversary! :D

    9. Happy blogoversary! Way to go!

      I stopped by to add a book to the classic challenge... did you stop doing it?


    Thanks for your comment!! I appreciate you stopping by! :)