change is coming.

Change is coming. It's a wind blowing through Frenzy of Noise like a tornado. Okay not a tornado. Maybe a soft breeze.

I have found two girls who are going to help out around the blog. I'm really excited about it and you will get to meet them on Wednesday!!! The girls are Hannah-Beth and Nicole. And I know they are going to be a fantastic addition over the next few months. In the meantime, I'm revamping some things around here to make it more friendly for them. It's fun because a new set of sheets is always good.

Since we're going to be changing the way some things are happening....I have questions for you and I really, REALLY need your feedback on some things. So take a second and leave a comment for me with your thoughts. Please??
  • Do you want a rating system? (I'm thinking of bringing it back!)
  • What about negative reviews? Do you want us to talk about books we don't like too?
  • What are some things you'd like to see on the blog? (ie. More author or character interviews, guest posts, more popular memes, more reviews, more posts about what we're reading, new....something!) 
And, just an FYI--the blog has it's own Twitter now. It's @FrenzyofNoise. So go check it out and add us there!

That's all I have! So take a second and let me know. Change is coming--and I want it all to be for the better!


  1. i think negative reviews are good because it means you guys rate fairly and are honest about your opinions

    Melissa @ just one opinion

  2. Rating system is up to you. I have one, but sometimes I wish I didn't. As for negative reviews, definitely. I don't like reviews that tear a book apart, but ones that simply state this book wasn't for them.


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