13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

Publisher: HarperTeenDate: September 26, 2006
Series or Standalone: First in series
ISBN: 978-0060541439
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Source: e-book

 Rating: B   

  First line: Dear Ginger, I have never been a great follower of rules.

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This was my first Maureen Johnson book ever and it was so fun!! It all starts when Ginny gets a letter from her aunt. The letter has a few basic instructions and the address a restaurant in NYC. Her aunt is sending her on a scavenger hunt of sorts—which is no problem, except her aunt died a few months before. When Ginny gets to the city, she’s given instructions and 12 more envelopes. She can’t open the next letter until she’s done what she’s supposed to do…which is go to London.

I’ve never really travelled—even though I so desperately want to. I am mildly obsessed with Europe and I want to go! (Someone take me!!???) So for me, this book was a dream come true from page one because Ginny goes everywhere. The inner-nomad in me was slightly freaking out. I wanted to book a flight and disappear.

The descriptions in Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes are so wonderful that I felt like I was there with Ginny. I got her frustration, her attraction to Keith, her loneliness, her sadness, her excitement. I saw the sunset and rise, the streets of Paris, the statues of Italy. I saw everything. Maureen Johnson did a great job of putting me in the book with Ginny.

My only frustration was that it went really quickly. I wanted to spend more time in each of the places, but I understand why that didn't happen.  It wasn't my favorite book in the whole world, but it's definitely one that I enjoyed.

If you like books that have a) cute British boys b) foreign countries c) mystery d) crazy aunts d) drama e) art f) funny moments that make you smile a bunch—then you would like this book.

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  1. I actually didn't really get the appeal of Keith. I understand the appeal of dating a British guy because I've done that before, but I wasn't a Keith fan.

    I also wanted to go to Europe after reading this and go to the places I missed the last time I went. Wonderful review!

  2. I love this book for all the reasons you give!!! I really, really recommend the sequel, too! You've GOT to read it! Aren't you dying to know what's in the last envelope?

  3. @Liz: I liked Keith. He had a certain sarcastic charm. I already wanted Europe--now it's so bad!

    @ Becca: I read it too! hehehe.....come back on Tuesday. :)


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