Thanks 2010: My Favorite Books of the Year

Thanks 2010 is a feature segment that will run on my blog until New Year's Day where I join forces with authors and bloggers to thank 2010 for what it brought us.

This year brought so many marvelous books. I seriously loved too many of them. Picking my top ten was nearly impossible. I got it down to twenty and stared for a few hours. Then, I got it to seventeen. Fifteen. In the end, I couldn't get past eleven. So, although the post says my top ten, you really get my top eleven. And since it's my blog, you have to deal with it. :) I'll say it's to ring in the new year! Without further adieu: my top choices from 2010, in no particular order.  

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins
Hex Hall is the first book that made me laugh--like, actually laugh--out loud. It's got cute boys, funny characters, a strong female lead, a fun sidekick and magic. What's not to like? Read my full review.

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken
I can't even explain how much I love this book. Syd's world is so incredible, vivid, bright. She and North are the perfect team. Swoon is written on the cover and even after you finish it, BW stays with you. Read my full review.
The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney 
This book really affected me and challenged me. It's a story of standing up for right in a time when that's not always the easy decision. Read my full review.

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins 
Funny. Romantic. Thrilling. French. ANNA has everything! There's nothing else like this story! Read my full review

Matched by Ally Condie
Cassia lives in perfection, until she realizes that everything is one big lie. This is her story to find the truth, to fight for love, and to see what happens when perfection fails. Read my full review.

Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers
One of two novels released this year, FFA is the remarkable third novel by Summers. It's a poignant tale of death, understanding, and moving on. It stole my breath and my heart.  Read my full review.

The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson 
Lennie is the part of us that we are afraid to let out. The way she deals with the loss of her sister and how she has to find something to grasp in the midst of the grief. It's a powerful story. Read my full review.

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel 
 This book is so richly woven together with details, emotions, characters and some of the prettiest prose I've ever read. Her take on vampires is unique & captivating. Read a full review from Overflowing Shelf.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare 
 I love everything Cassie writes. She knows how to weave a tale together, plot, characters, world--I fell quickly for CA. I can't wait for the rest of this series! Read a full review from Ticket To Anywhere.

Sea by Heidi Kling
 Sea provides this heart-wrenching tragedy and truth and hope. It's beautiful, romantic, real, intense. I've been overseas on mission and I could totally connect to the things Sea felt. (Spider is also so much fun.) Read full reviews from Sea's head cheerleaders: Erica and Dani.

The Iron King and The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa
I know, I know. These are two books! But they aren't. They are a series, thus they go together. You can't have one without the other. They count as one.

It's a funny, adventurous take on Fae. Meghan Chase grows a lot in these books. Grim and Puck and Ash and Meghan make an unlikely team and I love them. Did I mention Ash? I love Ash. It's just a marvelous series. I had to include it! Check back for full review during a special author week! Or read Ticket To Anywhere's IRON KING review. Overflowing Shelf's IRON DAUGHTER review.

The runners-up: (Because I LOVED them too & not picking them was hard.) 
Click on the pictures for a full review.


What are your favorites of the year?


  1. There are still so many of these I need to read--I'm trying to get Brightly Woven and Hex Hall in before the end of 2010. I loved The Iron King and Anna and the French Kiss as well! Fantastic picks, plus all of these books have great covers.


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