Thanks 2010 Sincerely, Jami of YA Addict

Thanks 2010 Sincerely Me is a daily segment running on my blog until New Year's, in which some of authors/bloggers will write letters to 2010. On January 1, Dear 2011... will begin and run for a week and feature other authors/bloggers. 

Dear 2010,

Just like the years before you, you were full of your ups and downs. I moved into a new apartment. My little sister got married, and now has a baby on the way. I have lost friends, but have also gained new ones. A good friend to the family has passed on. It was tough, especially on my dad, but the imprint he left on our lives is undeniable. 

You were a big writing year for me. I finished the story I started in 2009, revised, then ended up shelfing it...for now. It's not the story I want the world to see from me first, but I am proud of myself for completing my first, full manuscript. Now I have two new stories I am working on, both I am so passionate and excited about. Writing has become such a huge part of my life during you, and I will always remember you for that.

Another huge part of my life you brought to me, blogging. Yes, I love blogging! Especially that I can blog about my beloved reads, and other people actually want to hear what I have to say about them! I am so grateful for the doors my blog has opened for me, and how many fabulous people I have met because of it. 

The biggest highlight of you for me would have to be going all the way to New York for the weekend, just to see my favorite band play. It was my first trip I took by myself, and it liberating. Being a mom, I don't get that many opportunities very often. MUSE was amazing, and I even got to see a little of NYC. It didn't take much for me to fall in love with the big apple, and I definitely plan on going back.

I am a little sad to see your decade go. My whole relationship with my husband has happened in your decade. From dating as teens, to getting married, to now with our family we have created. Your decade has brought me the two most beautiful children in the entire word. I also started my career in child care in your decade, then ran my own daycare for a few years, then went to staying home with my own kids. I also moved out of my home town to a VERY small town, then back to my home town again. I have experienced so much life in your decade. I am leaving a lot of history behind with you. Please cherish it. 

Now I am moving on to another year and another decade. I am taking with me the knowledge, wisdom, and memories I have gained because of you. For that, I thank you. 


Jami Slack is blogger over YA Addict. She loves books and her home is crammed with so many books that her family bought her a Kindle in hopes of preserving space. It didn't work.

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  1. Thank you for such a heartfelt post Jami.
    Happy New Year!


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