Thanks 2010 Sincerely, Me.

Thanks 2010 Sincerely Me is a daily segment running on my blog until New Year's, in which some of authors/bloggers will write letters to 2010. On January 1, Dear 2011... will begin and run for a week and feature other authors/bloggers. Feel free to leave comments/thoughts on any that you read!

Dear 2010,

This has been one quick year! Didn't it just start? Wasn't I just welcoming you in? Feels like it. These last twelve months haven't always been great, but they've been a journey. I start this letter to you in a coffee shop so far from where I came that I can barely believe it. You've been a roller coaster, 2010. The first half of you was rough; the second has been incredibly better. I thank you and I hate you in the same breath for every experience. It's hard to put into words, but this is my brief attempt to try.

Thanks. You put me through the ringer this year, especially in that city I hated living in. Plague, bugs, ice, fire, flood...what the heck was that? I'm glad we've moved on. You really screwed me up there with those challenges, but I know I'm stronger. Sucky as it was, you did some good things there. You gave me roommates who taught me a lot and let me work in a great bookstore full of people who became my family. I love them all so much still. It's the people I met there, the ones sprinkled in the mess of bad, who will always have my heart. There are too many to name, but a few wonderful ladies I should point out. The first opened my eyes to YA. Another who showed me the strength I had within myself and constantly encouraged me to keep moving forward. And three more who showed me the possibilities of Twitter, of trying something scary, of words and of perseverance. You used them all to keep me from quitting--and still do.

Boston is amazing! You've exceeded my expectations here. I don't even know how to thank you for all the good. It can only get better! Even when it's not perfect or what I'd like it to be, you still constantly surprise me. I look forward to what next year brings. Hopefully, some more friends and lots of writer-stalking with the #entourage. That'd be nice and super fun.

The end of you marks the end of a decade.* A decade in which I graduated (high school and college), went to South Africa, started blogging, made two major moves and started writing. Really writing. And thus, started living. You will be forever remembered for that. Even among all the crappy things, you brought so much good.

I can't say I'll miss you or that I'll want you back. I can't say I will always look back on every piece of you with fondness. I can say I will always remember, because 2010 you taught me a lot. A whole lot. I'm ready for 2011. It's going to be a good year with many new challenges. I'm ready for them. I think...

Thanks 2010.


*It being a new decade is debatable. For this case, just go with it.

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