Thanks 2010 Sincerely, Leah Cypress

Thanks 2010 Sincerely Me is a daily segment running on my blog until New Year's, in which some of authors/bloggers will write letters to 2010. On January 1, Dear 2011... will begin and run for a week and feature other authors/bloggers. 

Dear 2010,

Let’s start with the most obvious thing: you are the year I became a published author. The year I got to walk into a bookstore and see my book sitting on the shelf. My debut year. That is, without question, the most dramatic thing that happened to me over the past twelve months. I’m incredibly grateful for it. It’s something I was starting to think might never happen, but it did. In 2010.

You’re also the year I slowly slid from “ecstatic that I’m getting published” to “obsessed with the details of being published” and back again. I learned a lot: about how reviews work, about how sales works, about how promotion works, about how not to obsess about any of those things. Well, almost. Most of the time. I’ve been getting better at it – and 2011, you’re the year in which I’m going to conquer it.

Other less dramatic but equally amazing things happened. My older daughter turned from a toddler into a preschooler – or, as my husband likes to say, “a real person.” My younger turned from an infant into a toddler. An adorable toddler who is so eager to talk she makes up nonsense words when she doesn’t have enough real words. Both of them like to “read” and can often be found sitting on the couch, studiously turning the pages of picture books. Both of them amaze me every day (even on the days when I’m counting the seconds until bedtime). And both of them were with me when I first walked into a bookstore on my release date. It was like the snapshot of the perfect moment.

Thank you, 2010!

Leah Cypress is the author of MISTWOOD and it's 2011 companion NIGHTSPELL.

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  1. What a fun series, Danielle. I'm a fellow crusader at Rach Writes and I found you in my search to see if there had been any recent arrivals. It's nice to meet you! I'm excited to read more.


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