Thanks 2010 Sincerely, Gwen Hayes

Thanks 2010 Sincerely Me is a daily segment running on my blog until New Year's, in which some of authors/bloggers will write letters to 2010. On January 1, Dear 2011... will begin and run for a week and feature other authors/bloggers. 


Dear 2010,

You were so much fun!  
Remember that day we saw the cover of Falling Under for the first time? So cool. And the first time we held the book in our hand. Priceless. It's been a really great year.

New Year's Eve is going to be bittersweet. We had such a great relationship, it will be hard to say goodbye--but I think your new job as 2011 is going to be even better for us. Especially March. Just sayin'.

Gwen Hayes is the author of the March release FALLING UNDER

You can also read some of her e-books for Kindle: BUTTERFACE, OH GODDESS, and THE CHOSEN.

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