Things that rock: Boston, Daisy Whitney, the Contemps

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon going all over Boston with Daisy Whitney.

At the Children's Bookshop in Brookline

She was full of smiles, wisdom, laughter, insight and yes, her shoes were adorable. We went to some local bookstores that were going to a pre-pub dinner for her upcoming book, The Mockingbird (Nov. 2). (And I've read that book. It's freaking awesome so make sure you go get it...and come back here for an interview and a review later.) I haven't really explored much of the city since I've only been here a month, but yesterday was fun and I'm super glad that Daisy wanted to spend time with me.

At Books on the Square (Porter Square!)

In summary....

Boston: fun.
Bookstores: *insert angel chorus singing sound of awe*
The Mockingbirds: Buy it November 2
Daisy Whitney: Love her.
Yesterday: Extreme win. :)

Here's a video!

ALSO, today is the launch of a new website for The Contemps. What is that? Well, let me tell you.

Take The Contemps Challenge!It's a group of 21 YA authors who write contemporary (here and now, real life issues with no vampires or werewolves or other things that want to kill you. Usually.) They are some great authors so you need to go check it out. They are also hosting a year-long challenge that if you read 18 of the 21 books, you can enter to win ALL of the books. (That's 21 if you are counting.) If you want more info, my friend  Irish breaks it all down really well on her site or you can straight to the source.

You should spread the word and join the movement.


  1. Daisy is awesome! And so was The Mockingbirds! It looks like you two had a blast. And I never doubted that Daisy's shoes were adorable. She has great taste in shoes!


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