Happy MockingJay week!!!!!

Let's all rejoice. MockingJay comes out Tuesday. 24 hours from now. If you are a fan of Hunger Games and Catching Fire (which you should be) then you have been counting down the days and guess what? Here we are. I'm writing you a letter, fans and not...

To those who have never read Hunger Games:

If you have never read Hunger Games or Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins then please, go do it right now. Seriously. You have 24 hours to read them both--and I assure you, it's possible. Maybe you've never heard of these books. Maybe you've walked by them a hundred times and never picked one up. Whatever your reason, I have developed this list for you of reasons that you should read and join the HG Pandemonium.

1. The world. The world of HG is amazing. Collins paints it vividly, perfectly, horridly. From the opening line you are sucked into Katniss' mind and world--and you stay there. I mean, here we are, somewhere in the future when America is destroyed and is now 12 districts called Panem, 12 districts ruled by a Capital. The Capital is so evil and domineering that it completely demolishes district 13 (the district that lead the uprising) and forces the other 12 to enter their children into The Hunger Games. What about that isn't appealing?

2. The characters. Katniss, the main character, is strong, fierce, witty, independent, solid and incredible. She's the ultimate in tough female leads and yet, you love her because she is human. No matter if you are Team Peeta or Team Gale, both of these males brings a lot to the table. They are different in almost every way except for one--Katniss. That, and one survives the HG while the other doesn't have to go. AND that's just the beginning. There's also Cinna, the other players of the HG (so many great ones!) and the mentors. There are so many great characters. I love them. I'm too excited to type.

3. The Hunger Games. What are the Hunger Games? It's the survival of the fittest. Each of the twelve districts have to provide a male and female tribute to compete in these games. Refusal is not an option. The officials in The Capitol create a terrain in which the "tributes" have to survive in, and fight for their lives. In the end, there can only be one winner. One person who lives. 

4. The story. I've pretty much broken down the main components of the story but there is so much that's not been said. The story is multi-dimensional, with twists and turns and questions around every corner. And some romance...but more everything else. It's incredible I tell you, incredible!

5. The prose. Suzanne Collins tells an amazing story with descriptions and characters. Sometimes, she makes words do things that leave me speechless.

6. The connection. You will love the characters, the stories, the prose, the everything. You will cry with this story, laugh with it, cringe with it, cheer, scream. You will connect in every possible way. It's that good.

7. The decisions. Katniss is faced, in each book, with more decisions than most people are given in a lifetime--and hers are gut-wrenching and literally life-changing.

8. The fans. Team Gale. Team Peeta. Team Katniss. Team Suzanne Collins. Whether we all agree on who she should be with or not, we all agree that this series is incredible.

9. The predictions. I've heard more predictions (and given more) about what could/will happen in MockingJay that I can'y even keep track. It's almost as much as Harry Potter. You should read it so you can make your own and see if you are right. Why? Because that's the fun of reading!

10. Because i said so.  I could list more I'm sure. But it's getting kind of long. You should really, really just go buy it.

To those who are HG fans: 

I'll start with this:


Take a moment, when you hold that book in your hands in just a few short hours, to look at it. Feel the cover. Smell it. (New books smell awesome!) Think about where we have gone with these characters and remember everything you can about those we've lost and those we've gained and those we've loved. Feel free to dance and cheer and be giddy like a schoolgirl with a crush on the teacher. Then, take it in as you read it. Feel it. Love it. And for goodness sakes: Don't post any spoilers!

And then, pass it on to all the people who just read that first part. Create new fans. Pass the love.

Finally, whether you are Team Gale or Team Peeta...whether you think a, b, c will die...whether you cry when you finish the last page or scream because you hated it...May the best team win. *insert MockingJay sound here*

Let the Hunger Games begin!!!!! And may the odds be ever in your favor...

*And come back in a few days for a review*

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