Fragment Friday #2: Paranormalcy

My best friend told me tonight that I think every book is great. *blinks* I don't know why that's relevant but it felt important to address because I am guilty of saying that a lot. (I also say frustrated a lot when I mean mad or sad or disappointed. Why? I dunno...) All books are great because of the energy put into them. Some books are great because of characters or plot or voice or prose...There are many varying aspects. Now I will obsessed with this and never want to call a book great again! *sighs*


It's FRIDAY. Which means it's time for Fragment Friday! Fragment Friday, hosted by James of Book Chic, is where you read excerpts of your favorite books or what you are reading now.

Disclaimer: I...I had a lot of caffeine today. Blame anything random or messed-up--and definitely my crazy hair--on the caffeine.


Check out my review of Paranormalcy and the interview with Kiersten White.

There's a tab for YAtakeover at the top, too.

Buy Paranormalcy.


  1. You have received the One Lovely Blog Award from me, Claire, at YA Bookie Monster! Please stop by my blog (http://yabookiemonster.blogspot.com) to pick up your award!

    Claire :)

  2. I'm definitely interested in this book. Plus it has a great cover, which is always a plus. :)

  3. Evie and her sparkly pink taser just sound like way too much fun! Thanks for sharing this fragment & I am excited to hear about your new YAtakeover blog! :)

    Violet @ The Eager Readers

  4. this is one i'm eagerly looking forward to. can't wait for it.


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