200 Winners Update

I still haven't sent out the prizes yet. Sorry. I wanted to take a second to tell you what was happening. 

This was my last week:

Tuesday: Contest ends.
Wednesday & Thursday: Snow
Friday: Announce winners.
Saturday: Post office closed at noon and I worked til 1.
Sunday: PO closed.
Monday: Holiday! PO closed.
Monday night: Me: I'll go tomorrow.
Today: Wake up. SNOW. Lots of snow. I'm not walking in that snow or I shall die.

Thus....PO delayed again. Maybe tomorrow? I swear I will get there this week yall!!!! :)

Until then, enjoy this funny moment with good life lessons from Boy Meets World.

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  1. Yesterday was just plain nasty. Snow for like the whole morning, and then it rained!! There were literally rivers on sidewalks and ponds in the street. Not fun.

    This also reminds me I must go to the post office to mail prizes too.


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