Hey, good looking! Let's celebrate!!

If 2011 is going to continue like this, I have no doubt that it will be absolutely awesome! *throws confetti*

For starters, look at my blog! Isn't it just so lovely? The amazing Amy re-designed everything for me--including my header which I'm in love with. She even made those cute buttons in my sidebar so everyone can pass along the noise! I owe a hugely ginormous thank you to Amy for taking the time. I love it!  Another thing that will happen in a few weeks will be loosing the blogspot IP address and gaining a .net one. Stay tuned for that.

This is my Nook!!

His name is Tennant Fitzwilliam North. You may call him Fitz or Tenne (pronounced Ten-nay) or Doctor. His name is a mouthful but it took a lot of thinking. 

Tennant: as in David Tennant, aka Tenth doctor from Doctor Who.  He was my favorite and I think he's brilliant. One of my goals this year is to watch everything he's been in that I can find. 

Fitzwilliam: as in Darcy. As in Pride & Prejudice. As in yum. 

North: as in main character from Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken. I love North. And it just sounds good at the end. :) 

Last night was epic again because I finished Part One of my WIP! I've been toying with this story since September and really writing since NaNo. It's a three part beast. I wrote Part Two first and have been dying to finish Part One. It felt like it would never happen but now it has! I'm pumped about it. Only thing that's left is Part Three and then I can share with my readers and CP and jump into edit mode! Woo!!!

Now, the big announcement: I'm *almost* at 200 followers! *throws more confetti* It's kind of mind-blowing. I thank each and every one of you because you are awesome! I'm devising a giveaway of awesome to celebrate! After I reach 200, I will let you know all the details once I've figured them out. I promise I will try to make it amazing!

We're only five days in but how was 2011 been for you?


  1. OOO!! Exciting! And congrats on almost 200 followers - just 2 more :D :D :D!

  2. I love that you named your Nook-- and after David Tennant and Mr. Darcy. I completely agree, David Tennant was the best Doctor EVER.

    And yay for almost reaching 200 followers. Woot!

  3. Thanks!!!

    And I agree! I like Matt Smith but David Tennant has my heart! :)

  4. Love that pic of you and your Nook! And love the new look to your blog as well. =)

  5. Great new look! I loved that you named your Nook. He sounds very noble.

  6. Wow! Sounds like somebody's had some late nights celebrating. Good for you! Keep that excitement as long as you can.


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