My 2011 Goals

My only resolution for the year: Make 2011 awesome.

Instead of making New Year's Resolutions that I forget about in a couple weeks, I decided to make some goals that I would hope to achieve in 2011--and some monthly resolutions, which I'm calling challenges. I like that word better. Not everything is ironed out yet but most of it is, so I thought I should post it. I like accountability! :)

2011 Goals
Things I want to work on all year!
  • Write! I want to finish this WIP and write at one-two more. 
  • Read. I'd like to read 100 books--12 of which will be classics.
  • Be more intentional. This includes personally, spiritually and blogger-ly, especially by commenting on EVERY post I read. It's all about support! (Thanks to Gail & Erica for the idea!)
  • David Tennant. I want to watch everything he stars in that I can get my hands on. He's brilliant. (I mean, I named my nook after him.)
  • Try. Do at least one new thing every month.
  • Be joyful. Everything I do is purposeful, fun and uplifting. I want to be happy and positive, not let things get me down. Be content all around. 
And, a side not for '11, since I only have limited control. The Elevensies. Get as many to sign my nook case as possible--the perfect marker of The Year of Awesome/new decade.

Monthly Challenges
Each month I will pick one of these to focus on. They aren't designated to a month yet--since I won't know what month I can/need to work on what. So, when I figure that out, I will inform you!
  • Write every day. I don't do this like I should. So, as inspired by NaNoWriMo, I want a copy month in which I write x amount of words every day! When I do this, I'll offer it up & see if anyone else wants to join. It's a good discipline that I don't follow as I should.
  • Read YA staples. I haven't been in YA long. And, because of that, I've missed out on a lot of major YA staple books and authors. I'll spend a whole month reading people like John Green, Meg Cabot, Neil Gaiman, Susane Colasanti, Elizabeth Scott, Sarah Dessen, Jennifer Echols. When the time comes, I'll probably ask you for some suggestions.
  • Journal month. I used to journal ALL THE TIME. I mean, I still have some from middle school. It's a habit I want to get back into. So, I'm going to dedicate a month to it.
  • Month of prayer. Yall, I am a bad pray-er. So, I figured I'd try to spend a month intentionally doing just that. This year is about self-improvement and challenges and this is both of those things.
  • Be healthy month. I know, I know...health is ongoing. But I don't know basics. I have a friend who does--eating and exercise--and I want to learn. Maybe a month isn't long but I have to start somewhere!
  • No TV month. *gasp!* I know. I watch a lot of tv...too much. So, at some point this year, I'll spend a whole month without it. Think of all I'll get accomplished! *gulps*

That's six months--half the year. It's a good place to start. I figure everything will line up at some point. I can say that the only month I have nailed down is January: Survive!

After experiencing 1/4 of it, I can say that's going to be tough!

What about you? What are some things that you have planned for the year?


  1. Oh! Pick a summer month for the no TV thing since most seasons are off then anyway! LOL I have a few goals for this year but some are a little personal for blogger comments ;)

  2. Oh my gosh girl, there is no way I'd accomplish some of your goals. haha They are good ones though. A month of no tv? Besides books, its the only thing to get me out of my head. :) Sending good thoughts and prayers your way for 2011!

  3. Have you seen David Tennent in Hamlet yet? Oh. My. Stars. It's wonderful!!


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